"Do you go to university?"

Translation:Går du på universitetet?

March 10, 2015

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I'm confused about when to use till and when pa. It's Jag springer till universitetet but Gar du pa universitetet. Does it depend on the verb? E.g. is it always ga pa and springa till or is it something more subtile?


Jag går till universitetet = I am walking to the university.

Jag går på universitetet = I am a student at the university.


But why "Går du till universitetet?" wrong?


Why "universitetet" in the answer with no "the" in the sentence translated?


I think that åka is used specifically to refer to moving from point A to point B using some kind of device or equipment (car, bus, skies etc). "Gå" is a much more generic term that is not only used to refer to walking but also to express progression, departure and many other things such as "bilen går inte" (the car doesn't work).


Any chance it could be går du i universitetet? I got this right, but I remember reading a comment about going to school somewhere that said that att gå till skolan is to be going to school at the moment (as in the activity, a one time thing) and att gå i skolan is the act of attending a school (somewhat regularly, anyway). So I'm just wondering where it's applicable here as well.


The difference between gå till universitetet and gå på universitetet is the same as between gå till skolan and gå i skolan. But with universitet, is the preferred preposition and i isn't used. Generally each noun prefers either i or and one just has to learn which one.


Gotcha, thanks for the quick answer. Works the same in Czech, universities take a different preposition than other schools. Privileged bastards.

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