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Indefinite and definite plurals?

I've slowly been reading through the explanation on grammar when it comes to plural words, but I'm not a native English speaker and a translator wasn't very helpful either.

What does it mean when a plural is indefinite or definite? Can you guys show me any examples on how this works?

March 10, 2015



The difference is in what I would call scope. For example:
Fem pennor är svarta - Five pencils are black || There are five black pencils, but we don't really know which ones they are. This would be indefinite.
Pennorna är svarta - The pencils are black || In this case we don't know how many there are, but these pencils right here, are black. We are talking about a specific set of pencils, and that's definite.

I hope that this helps (and that I didn't make any mistakes, but that goes without saying XD)


Thanks a lot!

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