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Problem: please help me

I am Italian, i was learning German for English speakers and i had almost finished all the steps. Today i've had the brilliant idea to add also the english curse for italian and i can't find my previous german course. Changing the language that you use on Duolingo is possible that the old lessons in another language could be delated? I hope really no...

Thank you for the answers

March 10, 2015



If you are on English for Italian, in order to get to German for English, you have to drag your cursor over to the flag next to your profile picture, and on the menu that shows up click the add the new course, and on the new page, click the "I speak" and change Italiano to English, then click on the German for English speakers then you should be set.


A quicker way is via https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction. Choose the course you want to work on from the drop down list and then save the changes by clicking on the green button.

There are some user scripts available as well which can further simplify the process of switching between courses with different base languages.


ive don it it deletes it all sorry:( here is a lingot that i will give u


that happeneed to meh yes it happens

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