"Jag bor på sjätte våningen."

Translation:I live on the sixth floor.

March 10, 2015

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Does this mean the sixth floor counting from 1 or 0? As in, if the house has one staircase is the upstairs the first floor or the second floor in Swedish?


We use both systems and you can never be sure until you've seen what a specific building looks like. The elevator can show either B for street level and 1 for the next level, or B (or 1) for street level and 2 for the next. People of course refer to the floor the same way the elevator in that specific building does.


I think the first floor is typically not at street level. (I have fairly limited experience of Swedish buildings, but I'm in one now; it's lift buttons are marked 'K' for underground, 'B' for street level and '1' for the next floor.)


I think it's k for källare


How do you know when you need to put a ¨det¨ or ¨den¨before the adjective-noun combination and when you don't? Some of these number sentences have them and some of them don't (and I keep getting them wrong, when they seem like exactly the same construction to me).


Most adjectives (and similar word classes) will need it. But some can't have it (samma, hela etc). Some others can have it, but don't need to. It's one of those irregular concepts one will have to learn. Keep practicing and you'll learn it soon enough.


It's confusing how sjätte is closer to "sju"


Sex-> Sjätte Sjätte borjar med sj,lik sju, och man säger det nastan lik Sette på italiensk,som männer Sju. Det är konstigt.


why "sjatte vaningen" instead of "den sjatte vaningen"? When can you leave out the den or det?


As per devalanteriel in https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31695047: Ordinals such as tredje do not normally take the definite article in Swedish. It's more of a stylistic choice, so you may encounter it in e.g. lyrics, poetry, or for dramatic emphasis etc. Depending on the phrase, it may be grammatical, so I just mostly don't want to state a rule which is not always a rule. I do suggest sticking to it as sort of a rule, though. :)


I am too dumb to understand the sj sound of sjätte.


It's like the old English pronunciation of "wh". It sounds approximately like "hw".


Why it is "the sixth" instead of "sixth"


Because våningen means "the floor".


Because English always requires definite article before ordinal numerals

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