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I Need Help...

I remember that there used to be a Support tab on the left side when I was doing my German, and now I can't find it. Do you guys know a support email or something for Duolingo? Danke.

March 10, 2015



What DID happen to that Support tab? I found it very useful. Hopefully Duolingo will bring it back.


At the very bottom of all pages in faint grey font is a 'Help' button - at the bottom of that page is a 'Contact Us' button.

(Sometimes I can see a tab on the left appearing as I load a page, but it disappears before it can be clicked. Weird.)


Danke. And that is weird that it disappears before you can click it. O.o


Have you guys, had answer from the support? I never had, so the support tab was just useless for me. I no wonder is gone. I am wondering why you asked about it.


I luckily had a reply from the support team. I think they are pretty helpful.

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