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What's the difference between Sache and Ding?

December 11, 2012


hey hello :)

when you say "ding" it's in general a filler text for a thing you don't know the word for or just don't know it in the moment:


you point at the biro and say: "can you give me that thing please?" translation: "kannst du mir bitte das ding geben?"

but you WON'T say: "kannst du mir bitte die sache geben?"

(stupid example but i don't know a better one at the moment :) )

"sache" is more in the sense of "matter"


it's a matter of taste.

es ist eine sache des geschmacks.

i hope this will help a little bit. maybe other germans can help you as well.



December 11, 2012

Moving this to German.

December 11, 2012
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