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"Ellas dicen que no comen fresas."

Translation:They say that they do not eat strawberries.

5 years ago



Why the second 'they'? I'd understand if duolingo generally left out the emphatic pronoun (as my spanish teacher says spanish people generally do) but without that hint, how would I know that there should be two 'they's in this sentence?

4 years ago


it is implied with the 'comen' is it not? They eat...or in this case They dont eat.

4 years ago


Thank you i was using the 1st ellas in my mind to conjugate comen knowing in english there was a second they to make sence but forgot about spanish dropping the pronoun often. You helped my mind see it clearly hopefully is cemented in there now !

3 years ago


I don't know how you would write it in English without the second 'they'.

4 years ago


You're correct. I assume that when JohnKershaw commented, the Spanish sentence was “Ellas dicen que ellas no comen fresas." He would be correct that the second 'ellas' is strange and unnecessary, unless it's emphatic.

4 years ago


"Ellas dicen.." could also mean "They think they do not eat strawberries (because they never tried).

4 years ago


why not strawberry? We are talking in general.

5 years ago


Generally speaking with fruits we use the plural form in English. P ej., "I don't like grapes," or "I don't like pomegranates," or "I don't like bananas." With vegetables, it's not quite so "cut and dried." One may like potatoes, but one may not like broccoli or cauliflower. With animal protein, it's usually singular examples: I don't like beef, fish, chicken, lamb, pork, lobster, crab, crawfish, squid, tofu, etc. Unfortunately, without rules, it's sort of like learning irregular verb forms in Spanish: memorization, and practice. ¡ Suerte !

5 years ago


thank you all! :)

5 years ago


fresas is plural, fresa is singular. They do not eat strawberry is odd English, IMO.

5 years ago


I eat strawberries

4 years ago


OMg i only missed one word

1 year ago


Seriously?! I did it all right except I misspelled: They say that thee do not eat strawberries. I did thee - _ _

8 months ago


I said don't instead of do not and I got it wrong -_-

7 months ago


Can this also be considered correct? - 'They say to not eat strawberries'.

Or 'They say not to eat strawberries'.

If not correct, why not?

4 weeks ago


"They say not to eat..." is they're instructing other people not to eat strawberries. The sentence we have is reporting to us what "They" say -- that they (the same "they") don't eat strawberries.

2 days ago