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Lá Fhéile Padraig - why F''h''éile?

why is there the h in Fhéile?

March 10, 2015



Quoting from this page on lenition:

Because it is never possible that two genitives come after one another, the first is only lenited and remains in the nominative ("functional genitive")(gender irrespective): e.g. obair bhean an tí = housewife's work, Lá Fheile Pádraig = St.Patrick's Day (lit. "Day of the Feast of Patrick")


thank you...I completely forgot about functional genitive.. it should be covered in genitive lesson, I remember it now being mentioned in one of the question's discussion... thanks for reminding me of this and you deserve a lingot :D


And thank you; I learned something new! :)


Otherwise known as the "suspended" genitive.

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