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"Eu não sei que homem olharia para ela."

Translation:I do not know what man would look at her.

August 26, 2013



thus it could be "qual" ? Almost every other language I know would use their equivalent of "qual".


Shouldn't this potentially offensive sentence be "Eu não sei O QUE homem olharia para ela" ? :)


No. Here "what" is translated just as "que" or "qual".


Is there a particular reason when elsewhere it's usually "o que"


When mastering a tongue, one learns about offensive, sexists or cursing stuff, too..


When learn a new language, one learn the curses first (eddie murphie, "roar")


the problem of ambiguity in this sentence is centered on the word 'para'. There are three possible meanings. Each would have different interpretations in English: 1. if para is 'for' then the sentence is only indicating no one would search for her. 2. if para is 'to' then the sentence is saying no one refers to her for advice or something of that sort. 3. if para is 'at' then the sentence is expressing an offensive notion that the woman is unattractive.

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