"Ele não quis fazer isso."

Translation:He has not wanted to do it.

August 26, 2013



he didn't want to make that?

September 5, 2016


Also right.

September 5, 2016


So how do you know the difference between poderia and podia. Queria, quisesse, and quis etc.

November 12, 2016


okay, it's kinda hard to explain it in English but I'm gonna try. "poderia" is related to future possibilities or past conditions. an example: "eu poderia comprar aquele sanduíche se eu quisesse/I could buy that sandwich if I wanted to" as a future possibility or "Se você tivesse me dito que era seu aniversário eu poderia ter te preparado uma surpresa/if you had told me that it was your birthday I could have prepared you a surprise" as a past condition. "podia", on the other hand, is used as a lost or former capability/ability. an example: "quando eu era jovem eu podia correr por várias horas à fio/when I was younger I could run for many hours straight" or "quando eu trabalhava na chefia do departamento eu podia tomar café da manhã de graça/when I worked in the menaging office of the department I could have free breakfast". hope I helped :)

October 22, 2017


Podia= passado Poderia= futuro do passado/pretérito

February 22, 2018


I think people also use the word "podia" to express a wish for the future.

"Está muito calor. Bem que seu irmão podia (poderia) comprar um sorvete."

February 23, 2018


Good question! Let's hope we get some guidance, but these waters are very murky from what I understand.

April 8, 2017


Does 'nao quis' ever mean 'refused'?

September 9, 2016


It is the same meaning. For "refused" you could also use "ele se negou a fazer"

March 23, 2018


actually, no. the meaning is similar but "recusou" is translated as "refused" and "não quis" as "didn't want". you can "recusar/refuse" an offer ou someone may "não querer/don't want" to do you a favor" hope I helped :)

October 22, 2017
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