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Finding errors while using mobile app?

Hej! So I've discovered some mistakes/errors on occasion while using the mobile app and not sure how to report it. I'm not sure if that's not a possibility on mobile or if I'm just incapable of figuring out how!

Anyways, the sentence "Vi väntade på bussen." didn't accept the translation "We waited on the bus." and said 'for' was needed instead of 'on.' Also in the same skill, the word 'morse' has been translated as 'morse.' So I got the question "How do you say morse?" and the answer was "morse" so that was a bit confusing. :) Unless morse is an English word I've never heard haha.

Also, on the sentence "Jag förkarade allt för polisen." I translated this to "I explained everything for the police." and it said I should have used 'to' instead of 'for.' Just wondering, would for be a different word or is this another translation not yet in the system?

Sorry if it's possible to report these and I'm just a dummy! Gotta get in the Swedish while traveling and for some reason that's when I seem to find the most translation issues....

March 10, 2015



Android user, might be different for Apple: When the app tells me, "You are correct!" (or not), to the right I see a speech bubble with a number (click to see discussion) and below that a flag (use this to report errors).

I think "we waited on the bus" implies you were on the bus and waiting, instead of waiting for it. And the "to the police" versus "for the police" - the latter implies to me that you're explaining on their behalf, not to them.


I disagree with "We waited on the bus" meaning waiting ON the bus... At least in English. I'd never say waited on the bus in that sense. Also disagree with the second interpretation, I don't think I'm explaining for the police, although semantically it might sound that way, if you actually look at the sentence there's no way it means that in context. I'd use something more like "I explained everything the police were saying" instead. I'll look out for the speech bubble, but I'm on Apple so we'll see! :)

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