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Grouping "sentence's discussion" by pair of languages (french from english and english from french, for example) in the same section


wouldn't it be better to merge, in the way indicated in the title, the sentence's discussion page?

My idea is to have, as sections (cf above image) of the discussion page, the pair of language (I keep the english/french example for clarity), not just one language. Sections
And in the tabs of each pair-section to have two tabs English from French and French from English in addition to "Popular", "New" [creation], "Last updated", "Top All Time", "Social discussion" [I mean, "Hi", "Hello", "my name is", "who wants to be my friend"...]Tab

I do realize it's maybe better to have, in the future, all the forum about French together, all about English together. Well, in this case we could keep the ordering (first image) as it is but in the tabs having "French from German", "German from French", "French from English", "English from French", "French from Arabic", "Arabic from French", "French from Mandarin", "Mandarin from French", etc... in addition to the "Popular", "New", etc...
With this both "XXX from YYY" and "YYY from XXX" will be in the XXX-section and the YYY-section, but is it a problem? I don't think so.

Indeed, french people learn English from French and English native speaker learn French from English. But wouldn't (statistically at least) a native French speaker answers more accurately to a question about French than other native English speaker learning French (and the same the other way around)?

And at the same time for French to read English (and maybe write their questions in English) in discussion's pages and English to read French (and maybe write their questions in French) would add some practice!

NB : i'm only speaking about the discussion pages about sentences.

EDITED: I detailed my meaning by adding the paragraphs "My idea is to have" and "And in the tabs of each", "I do realize " and "With this both".

And some comments have been made before this addendum.

2nd EDITION (01/11/2013): See http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1047405$comment_id=1047638, for more details of what I mean.

August 26, 2013



I see your point, but the problem is that people can explain themselves better in their language. If all is mixed up, most beginners won't even understand what is being asked or discussed.

The only way it might work is if we use something like the duobot to translate the sentences, so all discussions are bilingual by default.


When merging, I'm more imagining that you would have a section French-English with the tabs:

  • "French" (Question about French)
  • "English" (Question about English)
  • "Popular" (both questions about English and French)
  • "New, discussion's creation order" (both questions about English and French)
  • "New, last comment order" (both questions about English and French)
  • "Top All Time" (both questions about English and French)
  • "My Discussion" (discussion you initiated for both questions about English and French)
  • "Unanswered" (discussion with no answer [for sentence discussion, it has to be with only one "answer"] for both questions about English and French)


I think it might just clutter up the sentence discussions more. Sometimes I visit the english learning questions, and they are all asking the same types of questions that we are, from the other direction. it wouldn't help if someone doesn't know enough to be able to read the question you are asking.

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