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"Ele conhece alguma das duas garotas?"

Translation:Does he know either of the two girls?

August 26, 2013



To use "either" and "two" is redundant. "Either" means one or the other.


Exactly. I wrote "Does he know either girl" and it was marked incorrect, but it should have been accepted, IMO.


Don't forget to report it as "my answer should have been accepted" ;)


Why is it garotas and not meninas?


Either "garotas" or "meninas" would mean roughly the same in this context. Is there a reason you think "meninas" would be more appropriate?


Technically, 'menina' would refer to a child and 'garota' to an adolescent, but that distinction isn't really used any more (at least in Brazil). I'm not sure, but I think 'menina' is the more polite form in Portugal.

[deactivated user]

    What's wrong with "Does he know one of the girls?"


    The sentence clearly shows that are two girls in total. Your suggestion may involve a higher number,


    From the tone of the voice it is to understand that it is a question. I have asked before how does one understand that we are dealing with a question?

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