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I am blocked by computer version.

Did you guys ever find that computer v is far more difficult than mobile v? On my cell, I can get through the test without learning, but come to my lap top I can't even pass the lessons which is relevant to the test I have smashed. Any suggestion?

August 26, 2013



I also find the computer version a bit more difficult than the tablet version. Recently I've been doing lots of 'strengthening skills' exercises on my ipad and then testing myself on the timed practices on the computer. This seems to have helped me a bit with the main site version. I think continuously revising what you have done is the key to success here and it will help you remember things better. Good luck! :)


I find the website so much better than the mobile version. I find typing on a keyboard much easier then typing on my phone, the buttons are too small and frustrating, but i suspect that is more to with my phone than anything else.

On the website there is the extremely helpful discuss sentence button, which is where most of the real teaching happens. That is where i go to really understand what i am writing. I enjoy reading the discussion topics on here even if a lot of them are "PLZ ADD CHINESE!!". Also i do like Immersion, it is cool to translate, teach yourself, read about interesting topics and help out Duolingo. I also just like the way website looks, it is better than the App. In my opinon you are not getting the full Duo experience if you are only learning on the App.

TL,DR: The Duolingo website is awesome! Much better than the app.


I think the OP was referring to "easier to pass the test", rather than "easier to use". IMO, the "arrange words" exercise that is available in the mobile app but not in the website seems to make it much easier to pass the exercises in the mobile app. I agree though, that the lack of discussion section severely reduces the usefulness of the mobile app for learning; for these reasons, I usually use the mobile only for reviewing lessons I have already passed.


Personally, I use the iPhone app a lot more than the website because it's way more laid back and fun. I'd rather be laying on the couch doing lessons on my phone than sitting there at the computer. But, I do have to agree that the lessons might be a bit easier on the mobile version.


Yes, I try to make sure I spend at least 60% of my duo-time on the website version.

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