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Hej! What do you think is the best way to properly get through the course?

Just would like to know, since I'm new to this. Loving the course so far! Also, I'd like to know how long it took you to finish the course and be decent at Swedish I guess.


March 10, 2015



Well, first of all, I hope you are enjoying the course! I would like to share my opinion. I think a good way to get through the course would be to get a notebook and write all of the words you're struggling with. Just the word and a translation, nothing special. That will help you to remember your new words and their forms. Also, I would say that this course works best when combined with other sources. I've said it on many threads, and I will say it again: It is essential that you do not rely solely on this course to learn any language. Read, watch, and listen often, and try new ways to learn every once in a while. That being said, I still have not finished the course, but I would say I am decent at swedish even so, given the time I have invested in it off of duo :)


Thanks for the advice!

[deactivated user]

    This is exactly what I would suggest. I finished the course a few days ago, doing all these mentioned, plus I downloaded some Swedish songs to listen to when I am outside.


    I'm happy to hear that these work for many of us! And yes, swedish music is a big part of my learning process :)


    ABBA's work is never done...


    Välkommen! I hope the course is a super fun time for you! It is for me :^). I find the best way is to stay consistent and motivated. If you look a little bit through the forums you will find various movie, youtube shows, and websites that can be used for learning or just having a good ol' time. If you want to write down stuff like notes then I highly recommend Quizlet.com . It is a flashcard website with different exercises and you can either make the words (in Swedish) yourself, or there are a bunch of Duo-linguists that have made some card sets too! You could find those also by looking through the forums or just searching a few keywords like "Duolingo Swedish", or something like that :^). Just try and expose yourself to as much Swedish as possible, when I started I put my phone into Swedish and used it for a few weeks! (use that with caution ;) ) If you browse Reddit, there is a /r/Svenska that has a lot of useful things to check out.

    Any-who, just keep at it and you will get better in no time! Good luck!


    In addition to the excellent advice that has already been given I would like to add:
    - Practice is VERY important. I know that progressing through the tree and unlocking new tiers is more exciting, but it's practice where the real progress is made, especially when you get further in the tree. You can't just expect to cram a new grammar and over 2,000 words into your brain from only seeing them once. I try to do 2 new lessons a day and 3-4 practices with a combo of strengthen and individual reviews. (Strengthen is great for reinforcing skills that you have recently unlocked, but not as good for getting the older skills that have lost strength)
    - You will have days where you are busy or tired and don't feel like practicing and that is normal. I have set my daily goal at 20 xp, but usually do 50-60 a day. I like 20 because it's a low enough bar that I can achieve it on an off day and keep my streak going. I know it has been very helpful for me to push through on hard days just to "keep my streak alive." I went to an out of town wedding on Saturday, and had to make time to do two reviews on my phone just to keep the march to a 100 day streak alive (although I do wish that the streak freeze option was available on the phone).
    - Don't worry about asking dumb questions. You don't speak the language yet, you're a beginner of course you don't know stuff. The mods are very helpful and can usually answer your even simple questions. I can not tell you how thankful I am for the native speakers that are there to answer your questions.
    - Don't panic over skills degrading. Some days you will have no skills degrade, some days you'll have multiple. I have found that about 3 strengthen/reviews a day keeps your tree roughly as it is while 4 is enough to slowly turn it back to gold (turn a tree with 6-7 non-gold skills gold again). This number might change as you get further through the tree, but it seems to be the magic number in the late-middle.
    - Learn how to accept mistakes. I used to get very frustrated when I would be working on a review and make a lot of mistakes (I don't think their "You did better than 18% of people who did this lesson" experiment helped with that either) and get frustrated at my computer. However I eventually learned to accept that sometimes I will have a lesson that takes 30 questions, sometimes I will hit the magic 17. If anything when you are struggling and the same question (NOT "en familj") comes around for a 2nd or 3rd time you will be much more likely to get it right and those will be the lessons that you will end up being strong on.

    It's hard work, it's frustrating at times, but when you see a news story in Swedish or hear something and can make out what's being said it's very rewarding, so don't get discouraged.


    Tack så mycket! I appreciate the advice so much :)

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