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"How much do dogs sleep on average?"

Translation:Hur mycket sover hundar i genomsnitt?

March 10, 2015



Hur många vs hur mycket? Mycket for something you can't count 1,2,3... ? Tusen tack!


Got it right but wonder if I also could have written, "i genomsnitt, hur mycket sover hundar?"


Is there a reason I couldn't change the sentence order to 'hur mycket i genomsnitt sover hundar'? Since 'hur' begins the sentence it shouldn't be the V2 rule, right?


You're right that since it's a question, the V2 rule does not apply. In questions, the rule is that the verb needs to go before the subject. If there are adverbs that modify the verb, they need to go after the verb. However if there's a noun that the question is asking about, it will go before:
Hur många invånare har Sverige? 'How many citizens does Sweden have?'

So it's wrong to say Hur mycket i genomsnitt sover hundar?, but you would say Hur mycket kött äter hundar i genomsnitt? ('How much meat do dogs eat on average?')


are genomsnitt and snitt different?


Snitt is basically a colloquial short-form of genomsnitt. Of course it also means other things such as cut and intersection.


I got the whole sentence correct except I used "på" instead of "i". Is genomsnitt usually paired with "i" (as in the English "on average")? And is there a resource anyone knows of that breaks down the conditions when words like på, i, till etc. are used?


You use i with numbers, and an average is a kind unit of account.

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