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  5. "What do you want to do?"

"What do you want to do?"

Translation:Vad vill du göra?

March 10, 2015



Can you help me to understand why it's not "Vad vill göra du?"


The verb and the subject go together. Despite sounding similar, du means you, not to do, which is göra.

Vad vill du göra? What want you to-do

The position-II rule says that questions that are not yes/no questions (amongst other types of sentences) will always have the verb in the second place, so since the question word vad 'what' takes up the first position, automatically the subject will take up the third position. So vad vill göra du can't work because the subject needs to be next to the verb.

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Then why is göra not considered the verb?


vill is the main verb here: it's the one that shows time. göra is in the infinitive so it doesn't show time (like in English: what do you want to do, what did you want to do, want doesn't change but do does).


What is the difference between gor and gora?


gör is the present tense (Jag gör, du gör, ... = I do/am doing, you do/are doing, ...) and göra is the infinitive (att göra = to do)


Why no "att"? Tack.


You never use att with vill.


Just in this example? Or never? Asking because i was under the impression that vill att was perfectly fine to use. I even have it written in my notebook. I'm trying to track down exactly where i learned it.


The positioning of the words confuse me


Could someone explain when you use vill and when you use vilja. Many thanks

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