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Use your technology in Irish

Dia daoibh!

So you may have seen this earlier post of mine with some resources but if not here's the link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4346169

This post is about common programs you can get in Irish.

Facebook - change your language settings Irish is there.

Mozilla - Get Firefox and Thunderbird in Gaeilge. Here's the link for the irish page https://www.mozilla.org/ga-IE/

With firefox in Gaeilge you'll soon realise that many websites offer their services in Gaeilge too as they will automatically switch languages for you. :D

Other software: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Irish_language_media#Software

For my mobile keyboard I use Swiftkey but there is also Swype. Both have free trials and then are paid for but they have Irish in their T9 language options so it's pretty awesome I think :) And you can have two languages active at once in Swype or three in Swiftkey.



March 10, 2015



If you use Debian there's a task-irish-desktop package.

This task localises the desktop in Irish.

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I'm using Fedora :) I just went into settings -> languages and layouts and selected Irish/Gaeilge from the lists just now.

Seems to work quite well, though rarely use GNOME3 features, and are much more reliant on the command line (which I kept in English, just because I know where to find everything that way).


I changed my Facebook to Irish and "Céard atá ar d'intinn?" is now permanently seared into my brain.

I was feeling adventurous and switched my phone to Irish... but it was too scary and overwhelming and I quickly reverted back to English. D:
I do have the T9 turned on, though. It makes spelling so much easier.


Go raibh maith agat as do mholadh! Tá mo shamsung as gaeilge anois. :D


how did you change your phone into irish?!


On a Samsung Galaxy, it's under Settings - My device - Language and input (it may not be there at first, but I think it gives you the option to download more language packs and irish is one of them)


Scrabble3D is available gratis for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and the game can be played in many languages, including Irish. The computer, having internal language-specific word lists at its disposal, is a formidable opponent — if I can reach 20% of its score as Gaeilge, I consider myself to have done well.


I wish I could change my Sims games to Irish.


That would be fantastic! I love the Sims anyway, and having them in Irish would be a really fun way to pick up some new words.

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