[Suggestion] Update the design of the discussion forums

The current forums are nice, escpecially the direct links from sentences, and the bar showing current level and the like. The currrent design is "top down." That is, new posts appear on top of the list and move "down" as new posts are made. Popularity of the post makes no difference.

For a small amount of threads for a small amount of people, this works well. People keep an eye on the "new stuff" and "follow" any of interest. At first, i am told, people could keep up with all the threads.

Now, however, Duolingo is quite popular, and has many, many discussions. Finding interesting posts is increasingly difficult. Searching only helps when you know what you are looking for. Also, popular or instructive posts would be hard to find by any newcomers, even if they did know they were there.

There is another design for forums, a more traditional design, what i would term "hierarchical." Specifically, it is forums with sub-forums, (and sub-sub-forums, et al.) phpBB is a popular forum software, and the [phpBB discussion forums] [] provide a good example of forum/sub-forum. The idea is, by separating areas of interest into sub-forums, such as: Duolingo new users, links of Interest, coffee room (introduce yourself, meet other users), and so on, popular posts staying on top of that particular sub-forum. Links from sentences would continue as they are. In any case, all threads of a particular topic can be viewed rather easily.

I am making this suggestion as Duolingo has a larger amount of threads than when it started, and so many good threads are harder to find. Duolingo is an awesome site. An updated forum design might make it even better.

3 years ago


I like that. We could even have a special sub-forum for spammers marked HELL.

3 years ago

I couldn't agree more. To search and retrieve information here is abysmal.

3 years ago
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