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  5. "Jag antar det."

"Jag antar det."

Translation:I suppose so.

March 10, 2015



Why is "I think so" wrong here?


Because assuming is not the same as believing. I think so would translate into jag tror det.


But the term "I think so" in English normally refers to an assumption being made.


In my opinion, I think so has two main meanings in English, either it's about an opinion of the speaker, in which case you'd use the verb tycker in Swedish (det tycker jag), or a belief the speaker holds, which would be det tror jag, whereas I suppose so refers to an assumption the speaker makes, which would be jag antar det.

Is she a good singer? Yes, I think so -> Ja, det tycker jag (it is my opinion)
Will it rain tomorrow? Yes, I think so -> Ja, det tror jag (I believe it will).
Is that true? I suppose so -> Jag antar det (I don't really know, I'm just assuming here, but my assumption does not quite amount to a belief)


I think one could learn Swedish just by following your comments… I don't have enough lingots to thank you (and don't think you care about those really, they are useless unless there's some hidden option for duolingo active teachers to exchange them for money). What I'd like to have is a simple way to read your publications as a blog or a series of publications with one URL and a meaningful index. Whatever, you're my hero =)


Thanks a lot! I think periodically of how we should organize our explanations better (there's the sticky post under Swedish Discussions, but it only links to longer explanations) and try to write longer texts about some issues, but I guess it'll take some time until I/we get there. I hadn't thought about a blog but now you mention it, that isn't a bad idea either. I'll keep it in mind as a possibility for the future, but you'll probably be fluent in Swedish by the time I get my stuff organized :D


I could not agree more. I started a notebook of Arnauti and others' explanations. It got unwieldy. Now I've begun a OneNote version as it seems simpler and ends up on my phone as well--and is searchable.


"I suppose so" implies hesitancy about the assumption, whereas "I think so" is less hesitant (but still uncertain). "I presume so" is even more confident.


Thank you for the helpful explanation. I am still confused with the word order why would it not be "det antar jag". I do not really understand why it is "det tycker jag" but have got used to that expression.


Det antar jag is totally ok too. The important thing is to have the verb in second place, but whether you want to have det or jag first is only a question of how you want to structure the utterance.

The general principle for this is called the information principle: you usually want to start out with known information and put new information later in the sentence. Or you can say that the thing you put first in the sentence is the "topic" – what the sentence is about, and the latter part is the "comment" – what you say about the topic.

It's often natural and neutral to start out with a personal pronoun, since 'you' are a given in any sentence 'you' speak. So in a way, Jag tror det or Jag antar det are very neutral sentences. You're saying something about your beliefs.

But in many contexts, you're referring back to something that has just been mentioned. This is the det in the sentence. So from that point of view, it's very natural to put det first. Now you're saying something about 'it' – that you believe, assume, etc. it.

So tl; dr; both are fine and it's just a very small nuance. :)


Can someone tell me how "antar det" is supposed to be pronounced? The TTS says it 2 different ways when the whole sentence is played and when just the "antar det" is played.


From what i've learned it should sound like ''Yah antar deh'' based on the TTS


Would "I guess so" work, or does Swedish have the exact equivalent with a similar meaning.


Yes, that's also an accepted answer. guess for guessing riddles is gissa in Swedish, but for I guess so, we don't use that verb, we say it this way instead.


What would it mean if someone were to say ''Jag antar så''?


The same thing, essentially, but it doesn't work - it's very, very unidiomatic.


(25. January 2021) I might be wrong, but the audio sounds unnatural to me. Shouldn't be stressed and not ? Instead, it's hard to hear at all.


The audio is actually correct.


Given that det follows would "I suppose it is" be a proper translation too?


Why is it wrong to translate: "I suppose THAT?"


When you ASSuME you make an ASS out of yoU and ME.

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