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"A menina gosta de sapatos musicais."

Translation:The girl likes musical shoes.

August 26, 2013

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I'm pretty sure they put "The girl likes musical shows" into Google translate but the person made a typo and here we are


Exactly - who needs conspiracy theories when we are so prone to errors?


Yeah, but the sentence is far more interesting this way. How doyou say 'serendipity' in portuguese


Yes, what ARE sapatos musicais?


i'd guess it's an idiom for tap-dancing shoes, but that's just a guess.


I wrote tap shoes (being a dancer myself) and they rejected that answer. Oh well.


Thanks for taking one for the team. I considered trying the same.


Maybe it's like musical chairs.


sapatos musicais???? o que é issooo??? hahahaah


O que no mundo?! São sapatos musicais?!


escreve musical shoes no google image e escolhe um par para você


For those who are curious ... musical shoes are literally shoes that play music. Usually worn by young children (girls mostly). As the child walks, it puts pressure on the button in the shoe, which then plays music and in many instances, also triggers lights within. Just like those talking teddy bears or other stuffed toys - press the button and it "talks". You'd see the musical shoes mostly in asia, not so common in western countries.


surprising. Didn't know that. Now, all those derisive comments s/b retracted manx, right?


Never heard of musical shoes! I cant wait for the translation into Portuguese to come round - everyone will get it wrong unless they remember this sentence. Is the correct translation ballet shoes?


Musical shoes for kids have been around (and noisy) for a few years. Please accept this link as explanation, not an act of commerce (I have no connection to the vendor): https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/kids-shoes-musical.html


I think they have said " tap the pairs" so many times in the exercise that musical shoes come from" tapping the pairs" geddit? Geddit?


Like and enjoy are synonyms, thanks for ruining my streak.


I am enjoying this beach. But I don't like beaches. = eu estou desfrutando, aproveitando, gozando os prazeres desta praia. Mas eu não gosto de praias. Um modo de dizer que nem tudo que a gente aproveita é nosso gosto. Ou também: A gente aproveita (enjoy) aquilo de que a gente gosta ( like).


It says gosta, not goza. Gosta is like.


what are the musical shoes? some new japanese weirdo thing? there are many japanese living in brazil!!! :D


A minha mãe é japonesa brasileira. Ela não sabe sobre esta coisa kkkk


Does kkkk signify laughter in portuguese? Because kkk in english refers to the ku klux klan, something very unpleasant.


yes, and it's extra funny, because they do not use this letter at all. simple k might mean "que" as well, but it's slang.


kkkk is pronounced 'kakakaka' so you can see how it resembles the sound of laughter

[deactivated user]

    Meh, they're just letters.

    [deactivated user]

      Como é o curso japones agora? Eu sei que ainda está em desenvolvimento, mas tenho sempre quisesse aprender. Devo esperar até que esteja fora do beta?

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