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"Tuillim airgead nuair a oibrím le m'athair."

Translation:I earn money when I work with my father.

March 10, 2015



Would it be wrong to translate "tuillim airgead" as "I make money" rather than" I earn money?" I think of the 2 English phrases as pretty much equivalent — but perhaps there's another Irish verb better suited than "tuill" to express "making" rather than "earning" money? Thoughts?


Every time I listen to the audio it sounds like 'la m'athair'. Am I right? Is it the correct pronounciation?


"nuair a oibrím" is not "while working" ?


nope. nuair requires a relative clause, thus the a. And oibrím is from the verb oibrigh


why is the a required here?


Because nuair requires a direct relative clause, and a is the relative clause marker in this case.


Are there other relative clause markers?


There's several, depending on tense/mood, negativity, or type of relative clause. And similar ones can have different mutations


How would he say "I earn money while working with my father" ?


Tuillim airgead agus mé ag obair le m'athair.


Why nuair a and not cathain?


cathain is a question word, only used to ask a question. The "when" in "I earn money when I work" isn't a question word, it's a conjunction.


I know there is a dictionary on the website because, y'all have mentioned it, but I haven't been there yet because I don't have my laptop. So I've been solely working on the app. I'm trying to write words down to help me remember. How do i figure out the base word for verbs, like póg and fág are?


There's a web browser on your phone too. You can access the Duolingo dictionary there. Though you'll probably find the dictionaries at www.tenglann.ie and www.focloir.ie more useful.

The base word for verbs like póg and fág are póg and fág.


I know póg and fág are base words. I was using those as examples. Is there a rule to help you figure out the base word when all you have is the conjugated word?


You reverse the process that you use to conjugate a verb. Where vowels have been discarded, it usually not that difficult to figure out what they were to start with. Do you have an example that you're having problems figuring out the root for?


Nothing specific. Just looking for a general rule if there was one. GRMA


Why is athair pronounced like "ah hid"

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