Final lesson in modules showing second last one?

Twice this has happened to me now, first in Spanish - Objects, and now in Spanish - Places.

Lesson 8 starts off with Lesson 7- continually completing Lesson 8 slowly moves to what lesson 8 should be, and I keep getting the "You completed [Module]!" pop up when I'm done.

Anyone else get something like this?

March 11, 2015


And, just noticing; I quit lesson 8 of Places, went away and back in, and now there's 9 Lessons, when there was only ever 8 before.

March 11, 2015

Spanish Places has had 9 lessons for at least a year because I completed it about 12 months ago and have not practiced Spanish since then (concentrating on Italian).

PS the same applies to Objects i.e. 9 lessons.

Unless this is part of an A/B test, I would edit your post to include what devices you are using including OS version and Browser version.

March 11, 2015
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