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"Jag dricker ofta dyr champagne."

Translation:I often drink expensive champagne.

March 11, 2015



This made me laugh so hard!!!! Also, it made me realize that even though I can understand so much of written Swedish now, articles and books, I still have no idea what people are saying when they talk D:


I'm the same, ViolentRed. I understand a lot of written Swedish now, but when I listen to Swedes talk, it still mostly sounds like gobbledygook to me, haha. ;) But I listen to a Swedish radio show that airs here in Australia, so I'm slowly getting more familiarised with spoken Swedish. If I recognise just a word or two, I can usually work out the rest of what they're saying because other words they say then sound more in context and less gobbledygookish, haha. :D Also, have a lingot for being able to understand Swedes as little as I can, haha. :P


Thank you so much for sharing that link, devalanteriel. Have a lingot. :) I shall now be spending the rest of the day watching their other videos, haha. :D


Det är min sista meningen i duolingo. Jag är en flycktning och nu kan jag prata väldigt bra efter ungifar fyra månader och en half. Tack så mycket för allting ^_^ Men jag är lite nyfiken på hur många ord skulle vi ha lärt oss.


Du har lärt dig knappt 2400 ord, tror jag. Ungefär.


Jag dricker oftast jättebillig champagne men kanske jag är lite snål.


Och detta är vad jag kommer att göra eftersom jag precis avslutat kursen!


Last sentence! :D


Tack för allt!!!


Thanks for the great course


Does Swedish have an equivalent expression to "get you"? would be a useful response to this :P http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/get_you


It's not one-to-one translateable, you could respond with "how fancy!" though "Vad flott!"


If you say "champagne" in Swedish do you usually mean just some sparkling wine? Or is it just the word for the "real" Champagne coming from the area of the same name in France? If so, what is the Swedish word for "sparkling wine"?


sparkling wine = mousserande vin

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