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List of suggestions (LuisvonAhn)

  • Create a general Ranking by levels and skill points
  • Create a page of Duolingo Status with data like Number of users, and documents translated
  • Create a section wherein i can see all the discussion i have created on Duolingo
  • Create a Shortcut in The End of the german tree in the case you is an expert in the language with a very hard test.
  • Create an master Shortcut on all languages sections with the intention of master a set of skills in one time.
  • Create partnership Shvoong for the publication and disclosing of completely translated articles. Thank you Duolingo staff.
  • Solve the problem of words left behind on Duolingo's lessons.
December 12, 2012



Try hitting the enter key twice after each paragraph and see if that splits up the list items.


Thank you very useful.


So can you repass this for Luis Von Ahn?

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