I have a problem,

I learn spanish and I learned the present lesson, and i have a 19 day strike.

Today i wanted to learn the cojuctions lesson wich comes afther it, but he said that i did not finished the present lesson, while I did, He also said i had only a 1day strike. So i learned/reviced the present lesson, and then he said i finished and i learned the level cojuctions.

This evening. It happend again, so i re-revised/re-relearned the present lesson because i don't want to lose my streak. and when I finished suddenly it went good again and I learned without learning it this evening the conjuctions lesson, which i learned this morning.

And now he says i have learned the verbs: present 1 lesson and the conjuctions lessons but i have only a 1 day strike while i used to have a 19 day strike. and i learned also one level from the questions level wich he says i have not learned.

Can you help me? I want to continue learning but now i must re-learn/revise the present lesson each time. (and I don't want to lose my streaks at all)


August 26, 2013


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