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My French tree is golden again

1935 total words, including Idioms, Flirting, and Christmas. The additional vocabulary is good to have, as others have pointed out.

March 11, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Félicitations! J'ai aussi completé (encore) l'arbre aujourd'hui :)


    Merci beaucoup, et félicitations à vous!

    [deactivated user]

      Merci beaucoup! :)


      Félicitations Dan.Cline ! Bonne continuation à vous ;-)


      Thanks for the word count update, I'm 130 away!


      167 days...wow Felicitaciones!


      Amazing, well done Dan :)


      I agree. Do you know any way that the vocabulary can be printed out?


      agreed. no. anyone else?


      For the technically minded, if you view the source code (press F12) from the Words page, the definitions are included in the text as well. You'd need to parse out words and their definitions from the code.


      Copy and paste into a spreadsheet from your words tab. You'll only have a column of the French, but if you use a function like "=GOOGLETRANSLATE" in Google sheets, you'll get the most common translation.

      Notes: (1) you'll end up with more like 2600+ entries (2) you'll probably need to edit some of them (i.e. a and à both translate to "to" using this method) (3) when it's found them all do a copy/paste values so it doesn't have to do the hard work every time you open the sheet.


      congratulations, well done

      so, what are you gonna do next to get your french better? I'm always asking my self this question!!


      try http://french.about.com lessons they are quite useful and you can start watching French movies to improve your listening capabilities .. good luck shayfak bas 3ayfak ;)


      I'm working through the French in Action videos, textbook, audio files, and workbook. It's a great complement to Duolingo.


      sweet I think the frnch is one of the best words in the world.


      Well done.

      Since you have finished the new tree could you, or anyone else, help me? Am I imagining it or have they taken the Passé Simple, the past tense that we see in every sentence in a lot of written French, out of the tree? I cannot seem to locate it on the tree at present, so was it never there, or am I just failing to find it?

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