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Problem with Sunday work?

Is anyone else noticing that work students do on Sundays is NOT showing up on the dashboard display? I've been assigning 60 XP points a week as homework, but I've seen discrepancies again and again with students who show me that they've earned points on a Sunday (I can see it on their graphs on their home screens) but it doesn't show up on my dashboard list of activity for the week.

Please help!!

March 11, 2015



I'm not sure, but at least for me, the new week begins on Sunday afternoon (I don't know what time zone determines the start of the new week). Does your students' Sunday work appear in the following week? (My guess is that it does). If so, you might let them know that in order for their work to count on the right week, they should not put off doing their homework until Sunday night, their time, or it won't show up.


Could it be related to the way Duolingo divides the weekly leader boards? The leader board is reset at the same for everyone, regardless of the time zone they live in. That's why for some the new week starts on Monday, while for others it starts on Sunday.


try refreshing your computer and ask your students to do the same. i have doulingo on computer and iPad and once for an experiment, i did a lesson on the computer and it didn't show up until i refreshed it. then it showed up.

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