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"La estudiante va a lograr lo que ella quiere."

Translation:The student is going to achieve what she wants.

August 26, 2013



what is the purpose of "lo" here?


"Lo" changes "que" from the subject of the dependent clause to the object.
To make that clearer--"que" without the accent is often "that" and it the subject of dependent clauses. "Lo que" is "what" and it is the direct object of dependent clauses. In this case, "ella quiere lo que".

I hope I didn't make things even more confusing.


I think "lo que" means "what". "What" when it is not a question.


'lo que' is a generic phrase for 'the stuff, that which'


I think it is the object of quiere. It is necessary to state the object in Spanish, but not always in English.


"lo que" means 'what'. It is used in the middle of a sentence. Using 'what' at the start of a sentence would simply be 'que'.


I like to think of that as translating to "The student is going to:

-achieve it that she wants-" -lograr lo que ella quiere" It is needed in Spanish and not technically incorrect in English although informal and what it literally means in spanish. Hope that helps


That student is going to get what she wants. Wonder if Duo would accept ot?


It doesn't....unfortunately. Maybe with conseguir? But that would be a different meaning I think.


I'm not sure why they won't accept that. Sometimes Duolingo seems to want the direct translation more than the sentence that makes sense. I would report it but I'm using the iOS app and so I doesn't get that feature.


I said, " the student is going to achieve what she wants to." And DL marked it wrong... Why?


Ditto, perfectly natural English


That sounded like "La estudiante va a lograr lo que ella pierde". Would that be a correct sentence?


If qué is "what," isn't que "that?"


why does DUO always come up with these translations. Surely ' the student will achieve what she wants' is more sensible


Because they are teaching what "va a lograr" means.


My answer of...the student is going to achieve that which she wants...should be accepted. It is just a bit more formal sounding.

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