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Letters in Spanish

If I write to a friend . . . . Querida Amiga, Mi Bien, Mi Querida? (Any others ?) But how to end? Adios, Siempres? (Or their equivalents)

If I write a business letter . . . Estimado Senor, Estimados Senores, (Any others ?) But then how "Yours truly, or Sincerely ?" (Or their equivalents)

Thanks in advance. Gracias de antemado.

March 11, 2015



I cannot add to the discussion. Just a suggestion, moving this to the Spanish forum will help you get more responses.


How do I get to the Spanish forum?


You can edit the post and then select Spanish from the list of Topics.


I'd go with "Un abrazo" (A hug). This works with almost anyone. There are many variations and other ways to do it, however. A great guide to writing letters in Spanish here.


To start a letter to a friend you can also start with "Mi querida amiga", "Querida [her name]" or simply her name, depending on the familiarity between you two. And to end you can easily say "Chao, un beso", "espero (con cariño) tu respuesta", or you can make up something based on one of the topics of the letter. But "un abrazo", as Samsta said before it's great too.

For a business letter "estimado [whoever it is]" works perfectly. When it comes to the end, might depend on the matter of said business. To a boss or an interview and similar, those you said are great; for an "informal" business, "Un saludo/Saludos" is fine too (short and simple, I'd never use it for something really important).

I hope this is helpful. Suerte :)

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