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New and improved Portuguese tree!

Today all of you Portuguese language learners will get a new Portuguese tree! Over the past few weeks, we tested these updates with about 25% of all Duolingo Portuguese learners. We've made some changes based on what we discovered and improved the language learning experience as a result. :)

So, what have we added?

  • A new skill called "Verbs: Imperative" that teaches you how to express commands like "Go!" or "Do not eat!"

  • More useful phrases such as: "How do I get to the bus station?" or "Do you speak English?"

  • More useful words such as: emergência = emergency; entregar = deliver; lei = law; and of course... guarda-chuva = umbrella :)

What have we modified?

  • Moved certain words to skills where they make more sense.

  • Removed some words that we’ve found aren’t as important as the new vocab we’ve included.

If you've finished the Portuguese tree, you’ll notice that you'll have to return to some skills where we’ve added lessons and complete the new additions to the tree. It means more practice and learning for you. As always, please let us know your thoughts!

August 26, 2013



Hey guys! Please enable the microphone for Portuguese, I'd like to practice my speaking too


I agree, this would be great


Yes please. I could speak while waiting at the train station.


That's awesome! I'm not learning Portuguese, but this makes me hopeful for an improved Spanish tree. :D

<h1>Yes, its great!</h1>


They did update the Spanish tree significantly about a month ago, adding lessons, adding and removing words, and reshuffling. I think that was the first tree to be overhauled. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/562900


Yeah, I realized after I posted this.. I was on a hiatus during that time :P ¡Pero todavía quiero más! (But I still want more!)


That is good news!. I would like to ask a favor: Is it any way that you in Duo improve the pronunciation in the lessons?. Most of the times it is difficult to understand what the robot says. And it is not only in portuguese: spanish and italian (in less extent) have the same problem.

Otherwise, I like your system a lot, parabéns!


one issue being at the end of some words the audio is cut off


Thanks for looking into the Portuguese, tony! We really appreciate it! You people do some amazing work.
Did you guys happen to look into the slow pronunciation of "é" in pretty much every sentence? It is one of the most important words in the language, and in slow mode it is always pronounced as "ê", which is wildly incorrect and could impact learning for people who trust duolingo with a big part of their language education. Then again, maybe I'm the only one bothered by it... I have no idea if anyone else has reported it before, but I imagine they have. =)


OBRIGADO! Vocês são incríveis!


Great, now I have a better excuse to go back and review! Even though I occasionally find some of the flaws in the translations frustrating, I genuinely appreciate that they are being refined over time. Now we're even getting new material to consider, so a big tip of the cap to the Duolingo crew.


Oh dear, this is bitter sweet. I almost had my tree back to gold after the last bug fix smacked it around :D


And interestingly last night I could "read 97% of all Portuguese articles" but now I can only read 96.9% haha


Ohhhh so sad!!! What a big decay!! I dont know how you'll deal with that from now on =)everything comes at a cost!


Will speaking exercises for Portuguese be added in the future?


Yes, we are working on them.


Awesome! I'm excited! Is there an estimate for when they might be done? Thanks so much!


Could you please look into the phrase ""tudo bem"? There are many inconsistencies in learning this and what is accepted as an answer. I have reported it via the error reporting. Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into this.


Thank you...Duolingo is great!


you can say 'bem' or 'tudo bem' back, add obridgada on the end if you like.


i like the improvements these are really very helpful in learning Portuguese.


Thanks for the greatly welcome additions! Can we expect a lesson covering future subjunctive to be added any time soon?


Cool! I'm not learning Portuguese, but maybe duoLingo will do it for French, too?

[deactivated user]

    I was already waiting for this update, since you've done Italian a few weeks ago. I'm halfway through the new lessons and I like them :) .

    I've found one major bug (or is it a feature ;) ): The new Verbs: Imperative seems to have inherited all discussions from the other Portuguese skills. Most of them have nothing to do with the Imperative so I think it's best if you just remove all the discussions from that skill.


    Thats amazing!! Thanks for your efforts!



    I haven't finished all of the new lessons, but there's one thing that I'm wondering: how do you respond to someone sneezing in Portuguese? I thought that it might be in the "Phrases" lesson, but I haven't come across it yet.


    I think it's "saúde!" (Literally "health!")


    I would use "saúde" (health) more in a toast with drinks like in other latin languages, and would use "santinho" (literally "saint" in its diminutive form) after someone sneezes. but, of course it might differ from region to region.


    That's interesting, Shaolix! May I ask in what region "santinho" is used? That is adorable. I'm from São Paulo, and we use "saúde" (for sneezes and toasts). =)


    I'm from the north of Portugal where (santinho),and as far as I know, is the standard word to use even though I have to say the elderly people do say "saúde" as well. I guess is one of those things that differ with time/region and fashion.


    Thanks for the great work. I like to study all Portuguese words.


    I like the changes that Duolingo have made. I was noticing in some lessons that some sentences did not make sense whatsoever upon translating into English and love the fact the learning experience is now enhanced! I think I am going to complete these additional lessons before I finish my current lesson and proceed through the skill tree to ensure the new vocabulary is instilled in my long term memory. Obrigado Duolingo :)


    O_o .......... ummmm sorry...... thanks.....


    i tried the new tree and its cool , thank you


    Obrigado pela ajuda.


    Sounds good - any chance the French tree will be upgraded too???


    That is good for me, the goal is to learn Portuguese with an effective method, I will study it better


    I find the Portuguese tree to be somewhat odd... it ramps up the difficulty and introduces new words without warning, so I have to play catch up with a)remembering the meaning b)remembering the spelling, and c)remembering verb constructions.

    It just comes off as very unfair at times, I find myself thinking "well how was I supposed to know that?" quite often. For example, in a listening portion, I heard "luvas", and typed "louvres" since I didn't know what "luvas" were and it was the first time I'd heard it. Got it wrong through no fault of mine :/

    Unless there's a dictionary somewhere that I'm supposed to be reading through or a word list to prepare with, I don't see how I'm supposed to know what words are without prior exposure to them in a sentence.


    To Mesmorino, When you use the mouse. Just put the arrow on the new word and it will give you the definition of that word.Good Luck!


    Thank you very much! I´m going to improve my portugues now! :-)


    Simply excellent!!!


    Me encantan que hayan mejorado el servicio. ¡Es fantástico!


    I have been studying portuguese using Duolingo for a short period of time. I thank you because I found it extremely helpful. I enjoy a lot studying my third language. Speaking Spanish makes it very simple to learn portuguese. You guys are doing an EXCELLENT JOB!!! I hope in near future you have also available Korean language. Keep up the great Job!!!!

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