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Seachtain na Gaeilge: Day 11

[This challenge is now closed]

Dia daoibh!

Welcome to Day 11 of the SnaG challenge!

Firstly, let me announce that the winner of yesterday's challenge was Hop-all-the-way! Hop-all-the-way had the most upvotes, so they were chosen as the winner!

Continuing on from yesterday's "write anything with a logical sequence" challenge, we are going to go up another incremental step in the difficulty department!

Challenge 11 - Dúshlán 11

Today's challenge is to introduce yourself!

  • Challenge: Introduce yourself!
  • Theme: You (or a fictional version of you)
  • Top Prize: 10 lingots (every entrant will also get 2 lingots!)

Write a small introduction! Details do not have to be true and remember do not share personal information, such as addresses, your age or your full name, etc.

Though we recommend using Irish that is suited to your level, here are some links to online dictionaries that may help if you are looking for place names or if you are stuck for a word or two :)

Real World Mini-Challenge

Tweet as Gaeilge with the hashtags #SnaG2015, #duolingo and #Gaeilge!

I Want More


Irish Song of the Day

An Mhaighdean Mhara (The Mermaid)

Seanfhocal an lae

"Hold the phone, Alex. What's a seanfhocal?"

Well, quite simply, a seanfhocal is an Irish proverb. They are pretty fun to learn and I'll be teaching you one each day from now until the 17th! They are a nice way to decorate your speech and you will hear/see them used quite often. Today's seanfhocal is a personal favourite of mine:

Nuair a bhíonn an cat amuigh, bíonn an luch ag rince.

  • Literal Translation: When the cat is outside, the mouse does be dancing
  • (Rough) English Equivalent: When the cat's away, the mice will play
  • Pronunciation

Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat!

Bain triail aisti! Surprise yourself!

SnaG Day 10

March 11, 2015



Inigo Montoya is ainm dom. Mharaigh tú m'athair. Ullmhaigh tú féin do bhás a fháil.


so, this is my first shot... i hope i get this right...

Dia daoibh! is e mo ainm Dancel agus i bhfuil cónaí ar an Philippines. Is maith liom taisteal agus bualadh le cairde nua. Tá Éire uimhir amháin ar mo liosta a bhfuil an fáth tá mé ag iarraidh a fhoghlaim Gaeilge.

which parts did i get wrong? i could use some tips from you guys. Go raibh maith agat!


Dia's Muire Daoibh. Seo iad cúpla aistrúchán:

1) There are three ways to say "I am/my name is" - Is mise Dance, Dancel atá orm, or Dancel is ainm d(h)om.

2) agus tá mé i mo chónaí sna Filipíní or agus tá cónaí orm sna Filipíní.

3) Just so you know, "Is maith liom taisteal agus bualadh le cairde nua" means "I like to travel and meet new people". If you want what English uses the gerund for (which Irish doesn't have), you'd need to say Is maith liom a bheith ag taisteal agus ag bualadh le cairde nua, which translates to "I like travelling and meeting new people"

4) Is í Éirinn (Éire sa gCaighdeán) uimhir a haon ar mo liosta agus (is é) sin an fáth a bhfuil mé ag iarraidh Gaeilge a fhoghlaim - Gotta use the copula for the first part. uimir a haon is how you say "number one" according to Focloir.ie.(is é) sin an fáth is one way of saying "that's the reason". a bhfuil - sin an fáth requires an indirect relative clause, thus a bhfuil instead of atá (though you had that!). And, with infinitive structures ('to learn Irish') the object comes first, then a + VN (with lenition), so that's why it's Gaeilge a fhoghlaim.

Lemme know if there's anything I can clear up.


Dia daoibh! Is mise Dancel agus tá mé i mo chónaí sna Filipíní. Is maith liom a bheith ag taisteal agus ag bualadh le cairde nua. Is í Éirinn uimhir a haon ar mo liosta agus sin an fáth a bhfuil mé ag iarraidh Gaeilge a fhoghlaim.


wow! that's a lot to take in! thank you very much for the input! i appreciate it! :)


Dia daoibh. Cén chaoi a bhfuil sibh? Is mise Daithi.Tá sé go deas bualadh libh. Is as Tiobraid Árann ó dhúchas mé ach tá mé i mo chónaí i Sevilla anois le dhá bliana anuas.Tá sé blianta fada ó labhair mé Gaeilge ach tá súil agam go dtiocfaidh sí ar ais chugam tar éis cúpla mhí!



Dia daoibh, is mise Prionsias O'Foghlú, táim i mo chónaí i d'Trá Lí Contae Ciarraí. Táim ag obair sa tionscal íarnróid. Tá beirt páistí agam agus tá siad sé déag agus hocht déag bliana d'aois. Bhí me ag foghlaim Gaeilge agus táim ag feabhas go mall. Is maith liom Duolingo agus Memrise, tá sé go han-mhaith.


Dia dhuit! Táim ag obair le haghaidh Iarnród Éireann freisin, ach táim anseo ag foghhlaim Spáinnis.


Nílim ag obair sa Iarnróid Éireann, táim ag obair le STT Solutions, bhí an seanainm Ansaldo agus Wabco. Déanaimid iarnróid comharthaíochta innealra (signalling equipment!)


I know that I'm not very far at all....just finished the colors node...but I've done all that in two days...so I'll do what I can. Is fear me. Is maith liom ma(?) madra. (I'm not that great yet but I'm definitely trying...)


Is maith liom mo mhadra and me should be - but you're doing very well for someone learning Irish for two days :)


I did some on rosetta stone to be honest, but you never have to put any of the accents above any of the vowels so I didn't pay too much attention to it, and also they have the sentence structure set up different than on here and I've read a lot on how wrong the Irish version is so I decided to switch, didn't learn too much from it honestly


Rosetta Stone isn't too bad, especially if you get TotalE and use the help sessions with a native speaker. I happen to know one of them, and he's very good at answering questions and talking with you in Irish.


Yeah...mine doesn't have the totale so I don't have the possibility of soaking with anyone else. But otherwise it seemed good to get some of the pronunciation down, but seemed not that great on much else...I've learned more than twice as many words in less than half the time...all the way through unit 1 taught me 6 colors and very basic grammar


Well i can say quite honestly that Duolingo has the best Irish teaching course i have ever come across online- free or otherwise

Edit: I have never tried Rosetta Stone

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Another first timer. Is mise Wanda. Is iasc mé. Tá cara agam. Ken is ainm dó. Is maith liom bheith ag snámh agus is maith liom diamaint.


An bhfuil tú mo bhean chéile? Is aoibhinn léi diamaint.


Dia daoibh! Is mise Jess. Tá mé ag foghlaim Gaeilge, ach níl líofa Gaeilge agamsa fós. Is maith liom ag foghlaim teangacha, mar shampla Spáinnis agus Ollainnis. Is as Éire mo sheanathair, agus is as Ollanach mo sheanmháthair. Is maith liom éisteacht la ceol agus cocaireachta. Bhuel, is deas bualadh liobh!


Dia daoibh! Is mise Blake. Is as Meiriceá dom. Tá mé ceithre bliana déag d'aois. Umm... Is fearr liom madraí os cionn cait! Agus is go mór maith liom Gaeilige. Go raibh maith agaibh! Slán, gach duine!


Dia daoibh. Is mise Eavan. Tá mé i mo chónaí i bPortland, Oregon. Tá mé ag foghlaim Gaeilge as Duolingo, ach tá Gaeilgeoiri i mo chathair freisin agus is feidir liom labhair as Gaeilge leo. Tá áthas orm bualadh libh.

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