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Recent New Changes

I notice that new changes in the study format encourages us to move forward at speeds no longer control by the users.

It is my opinion that the success of this app lies in the fact that we can redo lessons according to our ability to learn and absorb and then move forward according to our long term memory and time.

Forcing the pace seems to be counteractive to the learning process.

What do the rest of you think?

December 12, 2012



Can you elaborate what you mean by it forcing you to move?


I cannot practice anymore vocabulary with the button on my homepage: duolingo tells me "You have practiced all of your words. Try doing some lessons or translations."

Also, if I go to Vocabulary (in the top bar) and click on a section (e.g. Objects), and then on "practice vocabulary" on that site, it currently goes back to my home page.

The only place I can practice is in the lesson screen.

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Like you said, you can always redo lessons or practice for words specific to a given skill. I always try to finish lessons without losing any hearts- this gives me a great deal of proficiency in each skill.

Duolingo has always required you to do a certain amount of activity in each skill (or you test out) before unlocking other skills. I don't feel like I'm compelled to barely get through each lesson in order to unlock the next skill.


That is what I am talking about. The new changes forces you to progress at a new pace. The beauty of the original system is pacing. These new changes force a bit too much. But if you are on the PC, you can still overcome the new changes. The app is another issue altogether.

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How is the app different from the website in this regard?


Learning for the website, lets you still learn old words by going directly into vocabulary and choosing the actual lessons or choosing the "practice" option but the apps "practice" option works like exactly like the "practice option" in Home menu. Apps do not have a separate "practice" that is found in the vocabulary sub-menu. That meant once the system feels that you have practiced enough in the apps, it requires you to learn new words. You can set your own pace in the webpage sessions because you have one more "practice" option .


I also just encountered this behavior. I feel I need a lot of practising in some languages, certaily more than just going once through every lesson, and I really enjoyed that I could practice again and again until I felt confident to move on to the next lesson. I am really disappointed about this new "feature"...

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