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Me Speaking German [Video]

I asked you guys for questions to answer a while ago, but wasn't able to make a video until last night. After a few hours of editing (adding subtitles is annoying) the video is finally up!

Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXoYoDAKIOs

Because I didn't think about anything I was going to say beforehand, I did make quite a few grammatical errors, but I recognize the errors I made (mostly word order) and will work on those for next time.

If you're a native speaker and you've noticed I've made any REALLY big pronunciation / word choice mistake, let me know the right way to say it! :D

PS: I'm turning my channel into purely language videos (Dutch/German and eventually Swedish) to get speaking practice & feedback. It'll be a variety of videos, all in other languages. If you are interested in that, then don't be afraid to subscribe! :D

March 11, 2015



Nice. Lingots incoming!

Your confidence in the video is good, yet inside you seem to be a bit too self-conscious, especially given your level of German. The internal fight comes across too much in the subtitles, especially because at times it seems to be slang, abbreviations, and multilingual even within a word!

It is probably more useful for everyone, including yourself, to transcribe the German that you actually did say (or intended to say if it is very close), with only very occasional funny spellings or highlights.

Perhaps if you maybe splash the funny annotations somewhere else on the screen in a different color or style you could increase their frequency back up again and it would have more of an effect.


Point well taken, but I also think DogePamyuPamyu has a special comedic charm (self-deprecating humor) that shines through all he does. :) I predict DPP will keep making better and better videos that show off his multifaceted, intriguing personal style and his ever improving German skills.

You are pretty great too by the way! :) I always see ya offering up helpful tips!


Yeah, I guess I am self-conscious, because I don't want to make speaking errors or sound bad. D:

Thanks for the suggestions :D Yeah I agree... It would probably be more helpful for people learning. I'll try to tone that down a bit for the next video and make them less frequent, but I like funny subtitles. XD


hi guys vickstar123 here just wanted to say hi and leave a like so I can get lingots and if you give me your gamertag I can add you for the xbox 1 and will be doing some video very soon. bye guys


Wow, das war wirklich richtig gut. Hatte keine Probleme dich zu verstehen ^^.


Yay :D Well, I want to focus on improving my accent, pronunciation & word order. When I write, I make far fewer mistakes, so I guess it is a skill to acquire over time. :D


Theres a reddit /judgemyaccent which is really helpful. You can post audio files of yourself speaking and people try to guess where you are from and give you feedback. I posted once and it was fun, because no one was able to guess correctly where I was from. :P http://www.reddit.com/r/judgemyaccent


I don't use reddit hahaha. But I'll check that out, thanks. :D


You sounded awesome. I don't think I could ever speak a language without an accent. (Except English, I hope)


Your confidence in your new language is inspiring! Lingots for you :)


Well it's not really new, it's 4 years old, but thanks. :D


Well, it's new enough ;)


Wirklich gut gesprochen. Das hörte sich schon sehr rund an. Es macht Spass Dir zuzusehen.


Congratulations. You sound very confident


Ausgezeichnet! Sounds like you're pretty good at the language! Gut gemacht!


Super and fantastic. Listen to Americans interviewed in German media to know how really good you are!


Soops Cool video! #German on ! Sounds like u where born there. U spoke it fluently. Gut Gemacht!


Ich konnte alles verstehen und es macht Spaß, Dir zuzuhören. Nur das Hin und Her mit dem Ball hat mich irritiert :-)


Ja, ich wusste, dass das jemand irritieren würde... XD Aber wenn ich mich nervös fühle, hilft das mir zu denken und sprechen. Es hat dasselbe Wirkung als wenn man mit den Hände spricht. :3


Impressive, I notice that you say the soft Ich. That is extremely Berliner. You have a lot of words that are Berliner. Good job, Keep up the good work!


Doge you're funny, What's your MC username? You speak incredible German. Do a Dutch one!


I loved the subs! xD And your German is really good, I'm impressed~ So gut möcht ich auch irgendwann mal sein, wenn ich Niederländisch oder Französisch sprech^^


Awsome performance. Just keep it on. Practice and most mistakes will vanish. And, don't be depressed. It's normal to make mistakes in your second language.

Frends of mine, who are living in germany for decades still make mistakes (a lot of), and that is absolutely no problem for anybody.

My english is a mess in comparison.


Awesome man! Inspirational stuff.


Wow. Your accent sounds so great. You are so fluent!!!!! I think that is awesome. You go. Congratulations, you rocked it


Was für eine Überraschung! :) Nett dich kennenzulernen aber wo warst deine Masche? ;)


IKR XD I finally made the video after like over a month lol...


But you were wonderful and inspirational! And I never stopped hoping for it! :)


You don't seem to be pronouncing "er" the way it is pronounced in Hochdeutsch, why?


Cannot follow you here. In my ear Doge's r's are excellent.


I meant the combination of letters "er", not r's, which is supposed to be pronounced like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-open_central_vowel


Then what's wrong with the combination of letters "er"?


I have to agree with @Gomos: his 'r' doesn't sound Hochdeutsch. It could be that he simply chose to use that special kind of 'r' because he likes it, or because it's just easier to pronounce, though.


Okay, just listened again. You're probably somewhat right. Most of his r's a still a bit English, but not all of them, as far as I hear them. And sometimes (very seldom) he pronounces a very slight rhotic (ie American) r in end-position (like in "aber ich weiß" at 0:58). But I'd say it's a question of accent, not whether he speaks Hochdeutsch or not. In my opinon he clearly does. Edit: Please note that some Germans do sometimes pronunce the (rolling) r in end-position also and that that's still perfectly Hochdeutsch.


Can't reply to your last comment,but I hope you'll find this answer anyway, cause it will be my last. I don't know why you suddenly decided to be childish, but I'll go with it. No, I never said they don't speak "proper" german ( what is that, anyway?) Rolling the 'r' is a fairly "old" thing to do, though - nowadays people don't really do it (in the Highgerman region). I never said I spoke proper Highgerman either - I'm from Mecklenburg, so I do have a slight accent. I don't roll my 'r's though. Most people notice I'm not from the actual High German Region because of the way I pronounce the 'er's at the end of a word (like: "Aber"). Which kinda proves my point. I may speak High German, but it's mixed with a different dialect.


You are perfectly ritht and I don't understand the argumements of whukriede. Hochdeutsch is clearly referring to a region. That so many people don't know the difference between Standard Deutsch and Hochdeutsch does not help. What they mean, when they talk about Hochdeutsch is Standard Deusch. Hochdeutsch is a regional sound of language south of the "Benrather Linie". North of it is Niederdeutsch. Hundreds of local slangs are grouped in these two basic sounds. So the common usage for the word Hochdeutsch is Nonsens. It is by no means preferable to speak without a slight accent. I don't want people from Tenessee sound like the English Queen. An a guy from Munich does not sound like from Hamburg. So for me the video in question is really perfect for a foreigner at that stage of learning. And the "er" is also fine.


What is the "High German Region"? Never heard about that. Hanover?


Really? I've never heard anyone roll their 'r' in northern Germany - only if they weren't actually from the parts where one speaks Hochdeutsch or if they were older. (As in over 50). My grandparents rolled their 'r's, but they grew up speaking Platt, so they don't really count. But hey, maybe you are right - I just honestly never met a Hochdeutsch-speaking (young) person who rolls his 'r's^^


So the elderly cannot speak proper German? Or anyone who does not sound exactly like you speaks dialect?


High German Area would be around Hannover. So that's the area where per definition proper german is spoken. It has once been defined so. And, especially the south, cares little about it (historical reasons). In the south, "r" is mostly rolled, e.g. ;-)

BUT: According to the OPs (Original Posters) level I think he speaks marvellous. Of course there are many mistakes, and many strange combinations, and you can hear a mile against the wind that he's american, but still: An absolute awsome performance!

Btw: The TV-Show extr@ also used british actors (and writers obviously) for their german show (god knows why), and you hear that, too, even so they have a really high level of german (greatest respectfor that, too).


No sorry, Dialect Continuous line of Germanistic reseachers definitely group Hannvover to the Niederdeutscher Sprachraum. The Benrather line is nearly 100 km more south. Hochdeutsch is southward from that. But this does not exclude, That this reagion speaks a very accent-free Standard German, or the misused expression Hochdeutsch. but really it is a merely accent-free Niederdeutsch of the Ostwestfälischer Mundart. Typically they speak s-pitzer S-tein unablento pronounce Sp and St correctly and they drop the P when they say Pferd. That is typically niederdeutscher Sprachraum. Heidi Kabel or Helmut Schmidt didn't speak St and Sp correctly neither.


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing3 I've noticed that you typed English into Engrish..is it intended? Wait. Are you saying German is not your native language? That makes the video even better! I do admire you being able to use German so fluently xDD It's nearly perfect, trust me. I myself am not able to create or speak long sentences so far but I'm trying... (yeah I'm always trying).

However I agree with others that some words need to be more clear (as you mentioned yourself). xDD Keep going!


The subtitles are purposely bad English. Out of my 1,800 subscribers, only 50 are from a German-speaking region, so the bad English subtitles make the videos interesting/funny for everyone else. :D


It's a very nice video,and I think that you have 99 percently learnt german!

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