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I need an advice and a doub's answer.

Hej pa everyone The question: Why some words in swedish are written like min or mina, and svar and svart, why is this difference. And the advice: i hope this will help many people, anyone had an advice of how to improve and learning in better way swedish (i want to go an live in sweden someday), i use sometimes memrise, but i need to learn and affiance the pronunciation, and the hearing of the language, for any answer Tack sa Mycket. Salutes.

March 12, 2015



I'm not sure what a "doub" is, but here goes: Ett and en are the remnants of a gender system. Instead of saying el and la in for example in Spanish, there is just having a gender (en words) and not having a gender (ett words). However, this is rarely true. Example: "ett barn". Of course a child has a gender. Or "en bok". A book doesn't have a gender. So, therefore, one must memorize which one it is when learning the word, or it will make your life miserable. Seriously, it will be important later, especially when you learn adjectives. ;) I hope this helps.


I confuse the concept, my doub is about what is the diferent about some words like min or mina ... i made a mistake :D


Ah. I was getting very confused there.


It has to do with genders, like @snrailing said. For example,

MY: min is common gender, mitt is neuter, and mina is plural.

Similarly, YOUR: din common ditt neuter dina plural

THIS: denna detta dessa



Ahhhhhhh ... thanks now i understand it...

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