"My dad's brother is my uncle."

Translation:Min pappas bror är min farbror.

March 12, 2015

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I like how bror= brother, and (far)bror =uncle. idk why!


It makes sense and we need all the help we can get!


This is so much more elegant than English and Spanish ... you have words for uncles and aunts on either side of the family!


Why is it 'pappa'? In German it's 'Vater', in English 'father' and the uncle is even the 'far-bror'. Pappa sounds like 'dad' or 'pops' etc. to me (child language)


It looks like 'pappa' is indeed 'dad', and 'far' is 'father', but Duolingo usually accepts both words despite the difference.


Pappa is not child language, however it could be seen as more informal than far. The same goes for mamma and mor. I'm don't know all the nuances of English synonyms for father, but maybe if you could think more along the lines of papa or pa in English? More informal than father, but something adults say.

Just as an example, I think Crown Princess Victoria only calls her father pappa in interviews, and it is not some kind of affectation, many adults do the same. Others say far, which again seems to be more of a personal preference (or how you've heard your own parents call their parents), than people being more respectful, formal or some such, at least nowadays.


yeaaaah that's my favorite sentence of all duolingo !

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