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Dashboard Graphs?

Based on what I see at: https://schools.duolingo.com/ I think I'm missing something when I use my dashboard. I cannot see very much information about my students and their progress. Even when I click on them individually I cannot find the graphs alluded to in the site linked above. Am I missing something or is that feature forthcoming?

March 12, 2015



I agree. I cannot see much at all. I still have to log in as my student to see how much they have completed.


first, try refreshing your computer and the students. if that doesn't work then make sure your on the same update. sometimes old computers do that ( i had one of those).


Thanks for your reply. Is refreshing just reloading the page or is there another step? Is there more than one version of Duolingo? How can you know which update you're using? Thanks!

[deactivated user]

    I think the functionality is not there yet. there is only one "PC" version, as it's a web app. However, sometimes duolingo experiments with users, giving a part of the users e different version. nothing you can do about this though.

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