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microphone problems w/ no opportunity to re-test

It seems that you may need to provide a way to re-test the microphone setup. In the initial pass where the microphone was introduced, your application could not hear anything. Obviously something wrong on my end, but you did not offer an opportunity to re-test this once I thought I had resolved the problem.

May 11, 2012



I had the same issue and right clicked on the area during the setup. The flash window popped up and I went to microphone, selected it to be used byt the site, and when I started my lessons the mic worked fine.

Hope that was helpful.



The problem is "How do you get back to that screen?" I still have some mic issues that appear will need a bit of 'Trial and Error" to work out. FWIW, I've never seen the mic and video working with flash on this machine before. (never tried it, don't know of a way to test this independent of duolingo.)


There is no "right click" in Android. :-(


My microphone has stopped working and I also could use the ability to re-enable the settings.

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