"Même pas mal !"

Translation:Did not even hurt me!

March 12, 2015



It's just a flesh wound.

March 30, 2015


"I'm invincible!!" "You're a loony."

April 26, 2015


"I AM INVISIBLE!!!",the enemy shouts.

3 seconds later...

"It's 'invincible' and you're not!",says the handsome guy.

~Hangover 3

October 12, 2017


You've got no arms left!

August 22, 2015


I'll have your leg off!

April 28, 2015


What are you going to do, bleed on me? . . . . . . (I love this thread!)

February 26, 2016


All right, we'll call it a draw.

March 1, 2016


Tis but a scratch

May 22, 2016


Merry, tis enough

February 19, 2018


Get back here you panzie and I'll bite your legs off!

January 22, 2016


I gave you a lingot for this and a little correction is it's 'you pansy' (a type of flower! colloquial for a wee faggot)

November 6, 2016


How do you give lingots?

October 13, 2017


Press on the 'Give Lingot' words at the bottom of a post.

January 19, 2019


Merely a flesh wound

October 10, 2015


Tis only a flesh wound

February 20, 2016


Just your head. Nothing attached. : )

May 18, 2016


A lingot to you my dear friend :)

September 14, 2015


"Come back coward!" --Monty Python

September 18, 2017


"Come back, you coward! I'll bite your legs off!"

July 4, 2018


I swear I don't feel nothin

April 10, 2019


Motion to accept this as an answer!!

August 1, 2019


Well you're Unstoppable, You're walls are Impassible

March 1, 2016


Could someone explain in what context one would use this phrase?

March 12, 2015


It's an expression used to impress other people and make yourself seem stronger when you have just been hurt. For example, if you fall off a skateboard doing a daring trick to impress your friends. Even though you could have broken something, you get up and say, "même pas mal!" (That didn't even hurt!)

March 12, 2015


"That didn't even hurt" or "I'm all right" both seem better than the very clunky "Did not hurt me!"

March 13, 2015


Then, why not say: "Didn't even feel it!"

July 29, 2015


It does not really qualify as a phrase, just a 'snippet'. At least 'No harm done', 'No problem' etc would be English but this is just a few steps up from a word jigsaw! :-)

January 18, 2016


Well, just like "même pas mal"

August 10, 2018


It accepted "didn't even hurt" for me :)

April 15, 2016


Agreed. DL's proposed translation is super clunky and should be dropped! "Didn't feel a thing!" would be more colloquial. Though I like the many other English expressions suggested. The all ring well.

August 28, 2017


On peut dire aussi: "Ça/cela ne m'a pas fait mal"?

March 15, 2015


Yes you may say "Ça/Cela ne m'a pas fait mal." ! By the way it is the normal way to say this sentence!

"Même pas mal." is a quite funny way to say that. But it is a nice expression to learn!

March 16, 2015


When and why would you use, "Ca" compared to "Cela" for this phrase and vice versa, "Ca/ce la ne m'a pas fait mal."?

November 13, 2017


"Ça" is more colloquial, it's the usual thing to say, while "cela" sounds very formal and is the right thing to write. Talking about "même pas mal", it's a very oral way of expressing it, which sounds much more natural than "ça ne fait même pas mal", but also a bit childish ^^

May 6, 2019


So basically "'Tis but a flesh wound.'"

February 16, 2016


So it's similar to the English 'not even a scratch'?

July 3, 2016


Thanks for this explanation. It helps

April 28, 2016


I just translated it as "That didn't even hurt" and got marked wrong with the correction of "It didn't even hurt". The meaning is the same in my book.

April 6, 2017


great example :)))))

May 4, 2016


can it only be used in a situation where you could have been/ were hurt, but you're trying to make it seem like you weren't or could it be used when someone accidentally steps on your foot and you're trying to tell them that it's okay and you aren't hurt? like "it's fine, don't worry about it, i didn't even feel it :)"

May 15, 2018


more literal translate, I would think: "Same as not bad", which is to say that falling was not bad i.e. didn't hurt.

October 2, 2017


So "même pas mal" is a phrase. Cos an trying to match it word for word with the English interpretation and it don't fit

January 19, 2019


how's that an idiom

February 12, 2019



April 3, 2019



April 13, 2019


When your older brother hits you on the arm and you want to seem brave even though it hurt like heck! hehe

June 12, 2015


I feel this

December 4, 2016


Perfect! hehe

March 15, 2019


In a French translation of a certain famous Monty Python skit.

May 25, 2016



April 3, 2019


My friends and I in football (American) would jump up after getting absolutely plastered and go "didn't hurt" in a jokingly self-aware way. I've only ever heard it used as a joke, when the incident in question obviously hurt quite a bit.

August 7, 2016


When something hurts but you act strong and say it didnt hurt/ when it feels like a scratch/ it literally didnt hurt.

January 28, 2018


'Tis but a scratch!

April 20, 2015


"Didn't even hurt!" - as a possible English translation?

March 20, 2015


I put Didn't even hurt and it was accepted

February 2, 2016


I put 'Not too bad' and it was deemed wrong.

December 5, 2015


It means: 'Not Bad' or 'I'm just fine' or 'No harm done' or 'All the same'

April 6, 2015


I'd love some examples of how this expression might be used in French. "No harm done" is a common expression in English. I would consider that something that a person would say to reassure someone else that there had been no bad outcome from an event, and also that it would include non-physical types of harm. So for example it would be a useful response to: "I told your wife I saw you with your ex the other day I hope that was OK", "My guests accidentally parked in your space last night", "I didn't see you there, sorry I hit you in the face with my elbow". Could you use "Même pas mal" as a response to all or any of them?

If someone asks me how I am or makes a nice move in a game and I want to say "Not bad" in English, I would just say "Pas mal" in French. How does the addition of "Même" change this? Sometimes in response to someone asking me how I am I might want to say "Same as usual" or "No change", would "Même pas mal" be appropriate there?

The English translation given seems bad to me, possibly something a child might say on the playground. It seems to imply that this is something you might say to indicate that someone who has deliberately attacked you hasn't done any damage. Basically it's a defiant taunt. Would that be the primary use of this expression or is that just one possibility among other more abstract ones?

May 22, 2015


Hi, Hivemind

There's a cartoon at


showing a hand holding a pencil rising from the Charlie Hebdo wreckage, with the logo - même pas mal!

When I was a kid, the boys would say - didn't even hurt!

Have a good one.


June 13, 2015


A similar expression "même pas peur" which seems to be popular at the moment. There's a page talking about it here:- http://french-word-a-day.typepad.com/motdujour/2015/11/meme-pas-peur.html

One suggested interpretation of "même pas peur" is "you don't scare me" so perhaps "même pas mal" could be seen as "you're not hurting me" or "you're not bothering me"

November 28, 2015


Hi, Hivemind.

Thanks for this: what a lovely story, and what a cool site. After what has been happening in Paris lately, I could understand if this became their new motto.

Have a sunshine day, :)

November 28, 2015


No fear!

April 11, 2017


"No harm done" is not the sense of the phrase. It is indeed more like something a child might say on the playground than something one would use to reassure someone that everything is OK. It could be a defiant taunt, or it could be used after falling off one's skateboard while trying to show off. One could use it in surprise after something one expected to hurt didn't. I don't know what the exact range of the phrase is and all the situations in which it would or wouldn't be appropriate to use it, but it is not something you would say in response to the sentences you used as examples:

"I told your wife I saw you with your ex the other day I hope that was OK."

I'm not really sure what would be appropriate to say here, but "même pas mal" would sound out of place.

"My guests accidentally parked in your space last night", "I didn't see you there, sorry I hit you in the face with my elbow."

Assuming that it was OK, in these sorts of situations one could reply with something like "C'est correct," or "C'est pas grave."

May 23, 2015


I like "no harm done", or the updated" no harm, no foul."

November 1, 2015


I thought "no harm done" but it was graded incorrect.

April 12, 2015


And DL gives "Not bad" as a hint, but then does not accept it!

October 7, 2015


If Duo gives it as a hint for the whole phrase, then make sure to report it. If it gives it as a hint for just "pas mal" then that is correct, but you can't ignore the "même."

October 8, 2015


DL does give "Not bad" as a hint for the whole phrase. But if "Not Bad" is a fair translation of "Pas mal", how would you bring "Même" into it? Or is it the case that the ONLY valid translation of the full phrase is something carrying the meaning of "That didn't even hurt"?

October 9, 2015


I don't think it would be the only translation (it could probably mean something like "not too bad"), but I can't really tell you for sure.

October 13, 2015


I wrote "No harm done" and was marked incorrect. :(

February 26, 2016


"I ain't even mad" was marked correct.

August 17, 2015



February 10, 2016


That's really funny! There is an exact Russian equivalent which reads (in Russian/ I am transliterating) "sovsem ne bolno!" or "dazhe ne bolno". That translates in English "doesn't even hurt!"

June 4, 2016


I'd think a good equivalent could be "Not (even) a scratch", or more colorfully, as my father used to say, "Can't hurt steel!"

April 3, 2015


Can’t touch dis!

May 25, 2015


Now if you go get a flu shot, for instance, and the nurse, after the deed is done, asks you: "Did it hurt?", you in turn might answer: "Didn't even feel it!", which to me it would be the case with "Même pas mal! How's that?

July 29, 2015


??? Did you mean to reply to someone else?

July 30, 2015


Don't sweat it, it was intended to illustrate in a general aspect. If you feel you don't have any use for it, then let it go. Have a lingot for the trouble

July 30, 2015


Oh, thanks!

Have that lingot returned, I don't need it.

July 31, 2015


I suppose it is equivalent to phrases of irony like 'that didn't hurt a bit' or 'that didn't hurt at all'. I thought it could also mean something like 'never even touched me', but this was wrong.

March 20, 2015


How about "Not even bad"? I was expecting worse,but it was better than I thought it would be?

July 8, 2015


"Did not even hurt me" doesn't sound right... It should be "that did not even hurt me" or something like that. Who agrees?

May 11, 2015


I do.

May 29, 2015


I put "I ain't even bothered," but apparently Duo didn't appreciate the Lauren Cooper reference.

August 8, 2015


You should have tried

"Yeahbutnobutyeah, but what 'appened was it dint even know nuffin about it or somefin or nuffin. Whatevah. ❤❤❤❤ ap!"

August 11, 2015


Lol I will totally try that next time.

August 11, 2015


I wonder if it would've taken "I ain't even bovvered", though... ;-) (... and now I'll have "Face, bovvered - face, bovvered - I ain't even bovvered, though" going through my head for hours...)

March 21, 2016


Why is it not correct in present tense? "It doesn't even hurt"

October 26, 2015


I did the same thing. It doesn't seem to me that the idiomatic phrase indicates tense. So I reported it...

December 30, 2016


For some reason, when I see this phrase, I think of the Kiwi expression "Not even ow," even though they'd probably be used in different contexts. Maybe with some overlapping.

August 27, 2016


I'm a Kiwi, but have never seen this expression "not even ow."

February 17, 2018


Not so bad!

April 13, 2015


exactly, the phrase even has each of these words in it

May 10, 2015


This one is fun.:-) If we try to 'think French', in the words of my French mother-in-law, instead of imposing our native language. It makes it easier to roll with the differences. I can almost hear Han Solo rolling this off his tongue, in just about any of his skirmishes. Very fun! Thank you DL. The idioms are a window into the humor of a nation.

April 20, 2016


Great comment! Of all things we need to remember that idioms are, well, idiomatic. You can't think French ones in English! (If you try, you get all the struggles we see above.)

I think this French idiom denies hurt (that is pain, not greater injury), pain, any serious consequence, and any need to pay attention to those things, whether from hiding any sign of weakness or from refusing to focus on the insignificant. One brushes it all off, whatever the motivation.

And in the nature of translating idioms, the translation must be allowed to be loose. "It's nothing." "Didn't phase me a bit." "Didn't even feel that." "Is that the best you've got?" "A mosquito bite." "I can do this all day." All these offer at least the attitude of the French, which is sometimes the greatest part of what an idiom is.

May 2, 2016


What is wrong with "It didn't hurt" as opposed to "Didn't hurt"? What would be the correct phrase for the first one?

April 23, 2015


I agree. The English translation seems awkward without the word "it."

April 26, 2015


Is this a real French expression?

April 26, 2015


Of course

August 22, 2015


i think this is like 8th time in a row i got MEME PAS MAL XD

May 1, 2015


Me too

May 7, 2015


I've gotten it at least 10 times in a row....

May 9, 2015


So is this a shortening of "That didn't even hurt", or "I'm not even hurt"? In other words, should the English be "Didn't even hurt!" or "Not even hurt!" I just tried "Not even hurt!" and was corrected to "I'm not even hurt!" which is clearly mixing registers.

July 6, 2015



July 14, 2015


What is the direct translation. I thought meme meant same?

January 20, 2016


"I don't got time to bleeeed" Arnie

June 25, 2016


Whats the Safety word??

July 31, 2016


All my husbands years of speakibg French he never used that snip of words together....

August 24, 2016


To me it sounds like something teenagers are more likely to use.

August 27, 2016


Seem like a portuguese expression: não faz mal mesmo. That is like "doesn't hurt anyway". You normally shrugs when saying that...

June 1, 2015


Mesmo is equivalent to même so the correct is to say "doesn't even hurt same way/anyway"

June 1, 2015


Why is "It did not hurt at all !' incorrect?

July 12, 2015


what is 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' in French?

August 9, 2015


Ce qui ne vous tue pas vous rend plus fort. (formal)

Ce qui ne te tue pas te rend plus fort. (familiar)

January 8, 2016


Would "Not so bad" work?

August 12, 2015


what is the LITERAL meaning??

October 5, 2015


"not even bad" -- but I think it's short for "Ça ne m'a même pas fait mal", that didn't even hurt me, or literally, that did not even do me bad.

October 10, 2015


If you tap mikerophone and play back you can get it

December 25, 2015


Its it did not even hurt me, not did not even hurt me.

April 3, 2016


"I ain't even mad, bro"

May 10, 2016


Doea anyone have a way of memorizing accents? That will really help

May 11, 2016


Most of them are essential for pronunciation, so remembering how to pronounce a word might help.

August 10, 2018


there are sometimes some unacceptable mistakes on duolingo that when I face some new expressions, I doubt to accept the english equivalent :/

May 25, 2016


How do you put accents like on ca va

June 3, 2016


That depends on the device you're using. And btw that ç thing is called cédille :-)

August 10, 2018


Not bad ! ... Given as wrong !!

August 17, 2016


did i hear something about a Meme?

September 1, 2016


I give up. Did you?

September 1, 2016


Didn't even hurt. Your leg is back wards.


October 4, 2016


When is this é used and this ê?

October 16, 2016


You use those when the spelling of the word requires it.

However, the two letters you chose also differ in pronunciation: é is [e] and ê is [ɛ]. è also exists and is also [ɛ].

Learn each vocabulary word including all accents.

Some of the accents also have historical reasons, especially the circumflex (which often represents a former "s", e.g. même is from earlier mesme, which is from metipsimus), but from the point of view of someone learning the language today, it's probably best to simply treat them as part of the spelling and learn which words have an accented vowel (and which accent they have!) and which ones do not.

October 16, 2016


Let me at you boy and I'll rip the head off you!

November 6, 2016


What is a literal translation of this?

November 7, 2016


'not even hurt'

November 8, 2016



November 9, 2016


I don't understand how this translates! shouldn't it translate to same not hurt or something similar?obviously that makes no sense but can someone explain how meme pas mal translates to did not even hurt me?

December 13, 2016


Tis but a scratch

December 17, 2016


When would one say this? Like, if a bug flew in my face, and I screamed and then people asked me if I was okay, would I say this?

December 19, 2016


I doubt it. It's more a matter of bravado - pretending to someone else that something that really did hurt, didn't.

December 19, 2016


Me with haters

January 12, 2017


Never even hurt works for me it's more likely to be heard

January 15, 2017


I would be more likely to say never even hurt, it's the sort of thing one child says to another

January 15, 2017


Just a scratch!

January 22, 2017


i love you all. this made my day

March 31, 2017


Is this something you're meant to say when you've just sprained your wrist or fractured your arm or something?

September 14, 2017


I think it is more relevant to when someone has tried to hurt you.

September 14, 2017


Not even hurt or no hurt at all could be two alternatives

June 11, 2018


"Didn't hurt me!" is NOT accepted

June 14, 2018


what makes it past tense

August 20, 2018


What are all these comments? "Flesh wound"? Wth!

November 15, 2018


"Tis but a flesh wound" is an idiom implying that an injury is not serious--something you might say if asked if you got badly hurt, but want to say an injury was rather shallow and not as bad as one might think. The phrase was used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail by the Black Knight after his arm got chopped off. Clip LOL (Which is what makes it hilarious because that was not a shallow flesh wound but a bloody serious injury LOL) So whoever posted that was probably wondering if the French phrase could be used the same way to downplay an injury--or s/he was just having fun and echoing that scene from the show.

November 15, 2018


The last time I was in France a woman nearly bumped into me on her bike. She apologised profusely and I couldn't think how to say 'no harm done'. I stuttered 'il ne fait rien'. I would like to know if 'meme Pas mal' would have been appropriate or is it only used ironically/ sarcastically?

December 9, 2018


No English person would ever say 'did not even hurt me'. The lack of a pronoun, demonstrative or otherwise, suggests an informality of speech bordering on lackadaisy. Such a spirit belies the use of the formal 'did not'. 'Didn't even hurt' would be an acceptable chav's translation; 'That did not even hurt' would be more proper.

December 10, 2018


Is this an idiom?

July 10, 2015


If you took time to read the thread instead of rushing to post, it would save you the trouble of posting because most answers are often already provided. For instance, the very first post in this discussion already answered your question.

October 16, 2016


I have to correct my previous posting, i.e. DL gave me an answer "That did not hurt me"

February 3, 2016


It's an idiom, so the translations are fairly loose, since we wouldn't say "Not even bad," the more literal translation, in English.

February 4, 2016


I heard : n'aim pas mal...

April 15, 2016


I heard n'aime.

August 16, 2016


Ah! Me legs!

August 21, 2016


Spicy Memes.

October 14, 2016



November 23, 2016


Im invicable

November 23, 2016


why did I pay 30 bloody lingots for this. -_-

February 12, 2017


The bonus lessons are ... a bit variable in usefulness / interest, aren't they.

Here's a refund.

February 12, 2017


aww.... you didn't have to! thx mate!

so true tho.

February 13, 2017


Même pas mal je suis chuck norris

April 3, 2017


Tis but a scratch! A scratch!

April 27, 2017


Why is "Does not even hurt me" incorrect? I can't see any indication that this has to be in the past tense.

June 17, 2017


Can someone please explain this idiom for me? I do not understand what MEME means.

June 28, 2017


tis but a scratch

August 2, 2017


I love every one of you

September 7, 2017


Does this translate to "menos mal" in Spanish?

September 26, 2017


Wouldn't this mean "Same not bad?"

October 13, 2017


Mizinamo is right. You will find many examples like this where you just have to learn the phrase and it's meaning without breaking it up by word.

For instance, "il fait chaud" is talking about the weather being warm, not "it does hot" or "he makes hot" or whatever other direct translation you may think it means. And "il fait un pas" means "he takes a step". Not "he does a not" or whatever other thing translating each word may lead you to think it means.

October 14, 2017


You can't usually translate idioms word for word.

October 13, 2017


how does Duolingo expect me to translate an incomplete sentence with a full sentence? Where is the "me" in the phrase " meme pas mal"? This is really forcing it. Taken out of context, it is just an incomplete sentence. The complete expression is "cela ne m'a meme pas fait mal". "Meme pas mal" is the language of a child.

October 13, 2017


No one said you had to translate it with a full sentence. The answer displayed above is just ONE of the many answers. You could have given the incomplete sentence "didn't even hurt" and you'd be right. The subject, in this case "me" is implied in that "incomplete sentence" because how would one know whether or not it hurt and unless the speaker was the victim of the supposed injury.

October 14, 2017


I thought it would be- 'not so bad'

October 16, 2017


this is not an English expression

December 3, 2017


From the discussion below, I get the idiomatic meaning (merci!), but I don't get the grammar. In high school French, I learned the expression, "la même chose," as "the same thing." I'm having trouble understanding "même" as "even." I know idioms are not literal, but still could use some help.

December 7, 2017


Most words tend to have more meanings than the one you learned first, especially if found in a different construction from the one you first encountered them in. For instance, fait means "make" or "do" but when we say Il fait froid w/r/t the weather, that sentence means "it IS cold".

A good way to get insight on a new usage/meaning of a word in an unfamiliar context is to look it up in a dictionary: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/même

December 7, 2017


Is this considered a childish phrase? Like when a kid is taunting another?

Or is it more of something you say when people bump into you so they don't feel bad?

December 31, 2017


Taking time to read the discussion would clear that for you. When Duo warns you not to add clutter but to read the discussion first, it is so that you can avoid asking redundant questions such as this.

December 31, 2017


I like the choices offered: Not even a scratch, No harm done, etc. But the first thing that popped into my head was the old saw: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Doesn't work here, I know - but is there a French equivalent, I wonder?

January 10, 2018

  • La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe.

Literally, the drool of the toad does not reach the white dove.

You can probably surmise that the toad represents someone despicable, while the dove stands for purity or peace.

January 10, 2018


I've fought mud-crabs more fearsome than you!

January 30, 2018


I thought meme meant same...?

February 25, 2018


It does. But surely you do know words change meanings when used in idiomatic phrases. Fait means "make" or "do"; but il fait froid means "it is cold (weatherwise)" and has nothing to do with making or doing.

It is just like English: "Fed" is the past tense of a word related to consuming food. But to be "fed up" has nothing to do with food.

February 25, 2018


Give me more of that!

May 22, 2018


"'tis but a scratch" (even spelled that way) would have been a far better suggestion than the one shown in a pop-up Duo used. "Did not even hurt me!"? TF is even the appliance of this 'saying'? Dodging arrows while being a 'mark' in an archery competition?

My "none (of the offense) taken" was declined. Obviously.

August 19, 2018


I don't think "tis but a scratch" is a good translation. It is limiting and assumes that the phrase is used only when talking about physical injury from say an accident. But from examples of usage, it appears the phrase can be used in the sense of "it doesn't hurt" in a various of cases:

  • Je n'ai même pas mal aux pieds - My feet don't even hurt. (Tis but a scratch would not work here)

  • Lorsque le chariot vous frappe, il ne fait même pas mal. - When the trolley hits you, it doesn't even hurt.

  • De toute façon, j'ai même pas mal. - Anyway, I don't feel bad. (That is, no harm done)

  • Vous n'aurez même pas mal à la tête à votre réveil. - You won't even have a headache when you wake up.

In other words, a good translation should not just apply to a single scenario that you imagine. That is why usually the simplest translation works best as it is applicable in a variety of situations that the phrase can be used.

August 20, 2018


If I put 'elle' in front of it, I could say, "She did not even hurt me!"

November 20, 2018


The term “it did not even hurt me” would make more sense in english, wouldn’t it?

March 3, 2019


The English translation wouldn't be used in real life "did not hurt me". Very clunky and although a technically correct translation it wouldn't be used in a sentence in this form. Even putting "it" at the beginning would help to make more sense. They change j'ai dix ans to I am ten years old, not the exact translation of 'i have ten years".

March 3, 2019


Why is this word an idom?

June 9, 2019


finally something I can use

July 13, 2019


That's exactly what I said, and it was not accepted... Instead I got an answer "That did not even hurt me"...., but where is "that" in French?

February 3, 2016


I can't see this stupid idiom because I see it every day in duolingo lessons minimum 2 times a day for 3 months already. I am sure that I will never say that. I have an allergy to this idiom.

February 19, 2017


how the hell do you expect me to answer these without even being taught them?

March 4, 2017


This is the only idiom that I see in the exercise "Strengthen skills". Although I taught 26 French idioms in Duolingo! I didn't make mistakes but I again and again I saw "Même pas mal ! " for longer than 4 weeks and 4 times a day, at least! I began make comments about this annoying idiom and it helps, a little! Now I see it only 1-2 a day and not every day!

March 5, 2017



June 23, 2019


Flesh wounds do not pain me anymore...

July 3, 2019


Is this what duolingo will say if you miss a lesson?

April 10, 2019


Not really fair in my case. I can't even tap the words to get the meanings so I was just there wondering what the heck it could possibly be, before reluctantly giving up and getting a wrong answer. Now I'm sad.

July 9, 2017
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