"Det tar sex månader att utveckla detta."

Translation:It takes six months to develop this.

March 12, 2015

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På vilket sätt är "It takes six months to develop that" fel? Hur skulle man då uttrycka "It takes six months to develop that" på bra svenska?


detta is a synonym of det här - meaning "this". To say "that", you'd use either det or det där.


Tack! Antingen "Det tar sex månader att utveckla det" eller "Det tar sex månader att utveckla det där", alltså?


Yes. Actually, there's a third alternative as well - you could say just Det tar sex månader att utveckla. In this case, it's because you're syaing "That takes six months to develop", which while syntactically different conveys the same semantic information.

Note also that there's a slight difference between det and det där, but I can't quite put my finger on it. The latter is used more like "that, that thing, that thing over there", so in general I advise you to use only det unless you're pointing at something.


Du kan berätta dem för det, men de ska vidhålla att det avslutas om sex månader. Kanske fyra.


I think you mean "Du kan berätta det för dem"! Otherwise, perfect sentance! :)

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