Looking at the UK Census just gone, I think it would be a useful option to be able to learn Polish. Seeing as there are now over half a million Polish people living in England, it could help us communicate better with them and perhaps solve some issues.

Anyone in agreement?

December 12, 2012


Cześć. Mam nadzieję że będziesz mógł nauczyć się polskiego tu w Duolingo. Translation: Hello. I hope that you will be able to learn Polish here on Duolingo.

I'm waiting for a response from the Duolingo team because I have applied as a contributor for Polish and Swedish since I speak these languages fluently. Take care and good luck.

It would be interesting to learn Swedish from Polish as well :) But I think there is still a long way to this language combination. I learned just a few basic words some years ago and it does sound really interesting. But I had same difficulty as with French - pronounciation and writing is much different.

Maybe I'll learn a bit of it on Duo when it will be available :) Sweden is beautiful country :)

Dziękuje Bardzo, i powodzenia!! :)

We'll be adding ways for community members to add languages in the near future. We'll keep you in the loop as we start to develop this.

Yes, please. I'm losing my Polish due to lack of practice and would love to see it on Duolingo.

This grad student who has to learn Polish for her PhD would love it as well! Duolingo is how I'm learning my German requirement.

I am struggling with my Polish vocab and grammar. I wish I could practice on Duolingo!

I really want to see it here in the future!

I agree - any plans Duolingo?

I think we should be able to learn Polish on duolingo, not just because of that fact that it is the second most spoken language in the UK, but also because it is such a fascinating language. I come from a Polish background, and although I speak a little Polish, I am not fluent, and would relish the chance to perfect my Polish; this is an exciting prospect and I hope it takes off in the future! :)

I'm trying to teach myself Polish and French and I too would love a Polish Duolingo! :)

Tak, proszę / Yes, please ;)

+1 vote for polish language support.

I have several Polish friends, I would like to learn the basics. This is the best language learning App and best fee!

Yes, Polish please!

Any way we can bump this up the priority list?

Me too, Polska po prosze

*Polski. Polski = Polish (language), Polska = Poland (the country). In time perhaps Duolingo will expend hugely upon this tiny lesson! :)

Any progress on this yet? Learning Polish would be great for me.

+1 for Polish duolingo!

I want this to happen! I would love to brush up on my Polish skills.

I would love to learn polish to surprise my girlfriend, I look forward to seeing it on duolingo!

I would really like to see this too! Any update?

Polish would be a wonderful addition! My whole dad's side is Polish and I would love to learn the language. Duolingo is doing wonders for my Spanish, I'd be so happy if it could do the same for my Polish. PLEASE add it soon!!! :)

It's good idea ! ;)

there's no polish in option? :(

I would love to see Polish on this website. I am attempting to teach it to myself but this would make things much much easier. I love this program.

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