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text moves off screen on Iphone app

Hi all,

What I have noticed is that when I shift the screen op my iPhone a lot I sometimes end up with the whole layout of the screen completely messed up: I cannot see the original sentence anymore, the audio buttons disappear, or the box to write in is so small you cannot see anything in it. It usually takes me a few minutes to be able to finish the question and move on in this case. I am not 100% sure about this, but this might be happening more frequently when I am using the iphone voice recognition to dictate the correct answer (typing on the iphone is a bit tedious sometimes). Did anyone experience the same? It is not super urgent, but I was wondering whether this is a frequent problem and anyone has a solution to it. I might try not using dictation to see whether the problem is specific to that (it does open this little microphone window which might "shift" everything on the screen up).

Thanks for your input Franka

August 27, 2013

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sadly it still happens, even after the last app update. I really like to use the dictation function on my phone partly because it gets me to speak in the language. If this is not too hard to fix this would be great! :)

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