"Han er her snart."

Translation:He is here soon.

3 years ago


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Is there a better translation than "he is here soon"?

If "He is here" then he would be in location If "He is here soon" then is not in location but will be soon, however this is not good English

Would "He will be here soon" or "He is going to be soon" be a better translation for "han er her snart"?

3 years ago


You are correct. Translation should be "He will be here soon". In Danish future tense is more rare in use than in English. You would often just use present tense and indicate time with an adverb like above.

3 years ago

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Does this mean "He is here early" (ie he has already arrived, earlier than expected) OR "He will be here soon" (He is not here yet but I anticipate his arrival)

9 months ago
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