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Suggestion: Shortcut for Non-English Characters

For the ones who want to write perfect but doesn't have the keyboard for it. You can implement keyboard shortcuts for the letters.

You can use Ctrl+Shift combo like wikipedia, for instance; ctrl+shift+n might print ñ OR ctrl+shift+a for Ä

Captilization would be tricky in this case but you can use the position of the letter for capitilization. I mean if it is the first letter you can capitalize...

I am not sure if I'm posting it the right place. But thank you for reading.

August 27, 2013



The easiest way to type non-English characters is to use the English(United States) - United States International Keyboard. I've been using it for typing in Spanish for so long it's become automatic! You can add via the control panel on a PC. A Mac? Don't know. Another option is to open up word and set up keyboard shortcuts. Keep 'em simple and after a while typing these characters doesn't even slow you down. I find the specific language keyboards, such as, Spain - Spanish are more of a hassle to use.


Yeap, right now I'm using it on my PC, on a Mac it is much easier since you can use the alt key combinations with keyboard layouts, there are more options. Thank you for the suggestion.


On windows, you can use the Alt + number keys. ex: Alt + 164 => ñ Alt + 163 => ú Alt + 162 => ó Alt + 161 => í Alt + 160 => á alt + 144 => É ... Same exist on linux, but I'm not sure the combination

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