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My Inadequate Translations

I'm actually struggling with some (many) of the translations, but I like trying anyway. Does in muck up the process when someone at my level forges ahead and gives it a shot? If I don't attempt a certain number I'm kind of stuck, right?

December 12, 2012



I think you should continue translating. They offer a real-world glimpse of the language you are studying. As for errors, we probably all make lots. I know I do, but after I've posted my attempt, the input from the current best translation, as well as the three to pick from, help me see where I may have gone wrong. It's win/win.


I will continue. Thanks for the encouragement!


I agree with vwlj. Work on the translations if you want to. They're interesting, and they are good learning tool themselves.

Just so you know, you actually don't get stuck if you don't complete a certain number. As things are configured right now, you actually never have to do translations if you don't want to.

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