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Whats the deal with en and ett?

Would someone please explain to me en and ett? I forgot.

March 12, 2015



en and ett are articles that depend on the gender of the noun (either common of neuter) common (en) include most nouns denoting living things (among other things), while neuter (ett) includes most nouns denoting inanimate things (among other things/with exceptions). This is just a very basic description (from a fellow learner), but I hope it helps!

2 easy examples:

en man (a man) common

ett hus (a house) neuter


does that mean all objects are "ett" ? and all living things are "en" since you know the gender of living things.


Not necessarily. I'm quoting from my grammar book I have here (Essential Swedish Grammar) See it HERE! Cheap book, Highly recommended!

According to this, en (common) encompasses living things, seasons/festivals, and nouns ending in -ad, -are, -dom, -het, -ing, -ion, or -lek

ett encompasses countries, mountains, towns, and letters of the alphabet, as well as inanimate objects, and nouns ending in -em, -iv, -eum, or -ium

Notice: Some living things (nouns) that you might expect to be common are actually neuter such as ett barn (a child), ett bi (a bee), ett lejon (a lion), ett träd (a tree)


THank you so much! It helps me a lot!


Happy to help! "Teaching" is a good way to learn :)

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