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Italian Progress Quiz issue

[Mistaken post in "Italian from English" forum has been deleted.]


  • Progress Quiz deducts Lingots even if cancelled on confirmation popup.

  • Progress Quiz tests on words not yet learnt.


I have completed Italian from English up to Clothing, English from Italian to the same, and Memrise Duolingo Italian 1 with review. I still need more practice, but some of this foundational learning is beginning to click. Sounds like a good time to know where i stand.

So, i went to the Lingot store and clicked the Italian Progress Quiz that i've been eying for a while. Yesterday, i clicked to purchase the quiz and 25 Lingots were immediately deducted. A popup warned that "The quiz can take up to 20 minutes and cannot be paused once it begins." and asked for confirmation. I clicked "Not right now" but the Lingots were not credited back to my account. No problem; today clicking to take the test did not charge the Lingots a second time, so all is good.

Of the first three questions, the first was easy, though i entered a typo ('acqua instead of l'acqua) my bad. That'll teach me to post without review. The second asked for words i have not learnt yet ("carpet" and others.) The third also asked for words i have not learnt, so i cancelled the test entirely.

While typing this post i went back to the Lingot store and clicked the test again (to get the text of the "Not right now" button) and it again deducted 25 Lingots from me. I'm now down 50 Lingots. :(

What am i missing?

March 12, 2015



The progress quiz test you on ALL the course material which is how it was designed, so it tests your knowledge of the whole course. You really need two or more attempts to see how far you have progressed. So cancelling the test was a bit of a waste of lingots.


A test on the entire tree? I wish it would say that somewhere. "Take an extended Italian quiz to measure your language learning progress" sounds to me like its about current progress.

What do you mean when your write "two or more attempts?" Also, is there a way to retrieve the 25 Lingots for the second, canceled test?


I think progress is the giveaway. When you complete the test, you get a numerical score e.g. 1.3 / 5.0 i.e score 1.3 out of 5.

If you take the test regularly, some people take it every month, you should see your score increase towards the maximum of 5.

I doubt your lingots would be replaced, I doubt the Duo staff have the time for that, but you can earn another 25 lingots relatively easy with double or nothing wagers and maintaining your streak.


Oh, now i see what you meant. The Progress Quiz does not indicate progress by itself. It must be taken multiple times and measured. Thank you for explaining.

Unfortunately, that is not what the description says. Nor is it what i want. I measure my own progress by seeing where i am up to in the tree, reviewing lessons multiple times (until i have basically no errors), and by using Memrise. I was expecting this test to test retention over everything i had learnt so far.

Why would the Lingots not be replaced when i canceled the test on the confirmation popup?

I do double or nothing wagers continuously, and i do maintain my streak. But this isn't about that. Lingots help keep the learning fun by being a slow to build resource, and seen as precious. I get happy when i earn even 1 or 2. If i just let them go, a lot of my motivation will disappear with it.

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