Well i just started from say phew all my hearts are gone. What is that supposed to mean?? What are they for?

May 11, 2012


It means you've used up all your chances and need to restart the lesson.

If you do a lesson you start with three or four hearts available. That means that you can make three or four errors before you have to redo this lesson.

And the encouragement comes from the fact, that you get extra point for every heart left at the successful end of the lesson.

Why do I need points to be encouraged?Sorry not trying to antagonize...I just dont think in that way thats all. Thx for your comments anyway..much appreciated...I may be able to say that in Spanish soon!!!

No worries globetrotter, I don't care much for the points either. But it might be some encouragement for others. You can also see it as indicator how good you are. The more hearts you have left at the end of the lesson, the better you are, although sometimes still some hearts are used up by "wrong" errors, when you discover the next bug in duolingo and can send them your correction.

its an indicator of how good a memory you have thats all...i have a lousy one..and im not cheating..nothing written down and no scanning...will i ever get out of this level im in..but no point cheating

I agree that it is not encouraging and it should instead be a gradual setback during the lesson for every wrong answer, but why the sexist remark?

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