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  5. "Do you have a modern place?"

"Do you have a modern place?"

Translation:An bhfuil áit nua-aimseartha agat?

March 12, 2015



An bhfuil áit nua-aimseartha agaibh? An bhfuil áit nua-aimseartha agat? Do you have a modern place? Aren't they both correct?


Yes, they are both correct. If one wasn't accepted, please report it.


They are, though the first is plural you and the second is singular. I think in English the singular is assumed, so 'agat' is the more natural translation


I did the same thing! This is a good example of why its so ridiculous that formal English doesnt have a plural second person.


The singular 'you' used to be 'thee', with the plural being 'you', but 'thee' fell out of fashion after King James used it in his bible.


this is interesting, thanks!


No longer has... It had, it disappeared...

[deactivated user]

    Technically, "you" is both the singular and the plural pronoun, depending on context. "y'all" and "you guys" are also acceptable plural versions of "you". But yeah, I totally agree. It would be nice if English had a distinctive plural "you".


    I think they are both correct


    Why doesn't "Tá áit nua-aimseartha agat?" work? Is it just that that only works for the non-question version of the sentence?


    You have to use the interrogative participle (an in the present tense) to turn it into a question, you can't just use tone of voice to indicate a question (though as all Irish speakers are bi-lingual, and will be used to that habit from English, you might get away with it in some circumstances, it would be a form of Béarlachas).


    Makes sense. Thanks so much! (= Here, have a lingot.


    I put in the right answer. It marked it wrong

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    Sentence Discussions are a user-to-user forum, so the only people are reading your message are other users who have no way of checking what you entered, or doing anything about it.

    If you think that Duolingo is malfunctioning, take a screenshot that demonstrates the problem, and submit a bug report with the screenshot and a detailed description of the version of Duolingo that you are using (iphone app, android app, website, the web browser you use, etc).


    if they mean you plural (Agaibh) then the question should read "ye" not "you" as ye says you plural where you just


    No, it shouldn't. The 2nd person plural in modern standard English is "you", not "ye". Even the minority of people who say still say "ye" typically write "you". Duolingo will usually accept "ye" for people who want to translate agaibh or sibh etc as "ye" rather than "you", but not all exercises have been updated to do this.

    As it happens, the default translation for this sentence uses the 2nd person singular agat anyway.

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