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I want to practice the hard questions

Is there a way to practice the harder sentences? When I try to go back and practice things I've done, I feel like well over half of the questions are "Sie spielt" or "Der Mann lernt", or other dead easy questions, which I think are starting to waste my time. It would be nice if I could somehow just practice the hard ones, or the ones I'm not yet comfortable with.

May 11, 2012



I think this is something to be expected in the near/far future. Duolingo is still in Beta. :) If you would let me guess a statistics software similar to Khan Academy will be implemented.

Right now though, The closest thing you can get to doing "hard" questions is to repeat individual lessons; click the skill you want to train on on your skill tree, then to the right of the page under "achievements" you can practice individual lessons.


That's right. There should be an option a the start like "choose your skill level" or something like that.

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